Saturday, May 20


This is still the best thing I've ever found online:

Drum Machine

Make sure you have the sound up and a fast connection though. And be prepared to click on things at the start to get it going. It's beautiful and amazing and well worth the load time.

And if you're ever online and bored (after you've exhausted reading the blog that is) and you feel like you can't find anything new to look at, try a random website generator like this one. They very rarely hit on anything interesting but at least they take you somewhere new! You never know what you'll learn. Oh, and this one may not be censored so be careful (the censored ones seem to take you to church or school websites 90% of the time).


Anonymous said...

nearly as good as the drum machine
*big grin*


JacWabbit said...

That is funny but SO NOT SUITABLE! Funny though.