Saturday, May 13

Happy you you to you

Happy Birthday Alastair!

I found the URL of those "Natural Curiosity" etchings that I spotted in Anthropologie. It turns out there are six of them! I like the algae best, but they're all pretty amazing. Though you and Jean would enjoy having a look at them.

Hope you have a wonderful day. I'll have a G&T in your honour this eve ^_^

table cape

Postscript- Also a big Happy Birthday to Bun, but I don't think she's a reader...yet! *insert maniacal laughter here*


Big A said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! We're about to sit down to Jean's pizza with my favourite toppings. I'm sure they do it better (and bigger) in Texas. And the Natural Curiosities are wonderful, but I'm scared of the "Prices on Request"!

JacWabbit said...

Pizza is one thing that sure isn't better (although it may well be bigger). They only let you have 2 toppings! Five if you're really lucky, although cheese counts as one of those.

The etchings were over $180/box at Anthropologie. For admiring only.

Hope you had some anchovie stuffed olives to go with the pizza!

Big A said...

How did you guess the anchovy-stuffed olives? It would have been a good evening, but for the disappearance of the cat. But he's back! 5.45 this morning, unscathed, but seriously hungry.

JacWabbit said...

I guess that's what I'd pick if I was going to buy Big A's special foods. And Jean never misses a trick ;)

So sorry about the Purry fiasco. Must have been terribly stressful for you all but I'm so glad to hear he's ok. I've not been sleeping well, just waiting to hear news. I felt so much better knowing Jean was dealing with flyers and such. So glad he's ok!! Guess he probably got locked in somewhere - perhaps someone going away to celebrate Mother's day. Far too adventurous, that's his only failing (well, that and the excited dribbling).

Miss you all.