Tuesday, July 13

Family pics of the Birthday Boy

I can't really believe that tomorrow is Marty's first birthday. Somehow it all seems to have gone by so quickly, even the bits that went really slowly (like the long nights of crying - his and mine).

I thought I'd post a whole bunch of recent 'family life' type pics as a precursor to what will probably be a week or two of birthday related blog posts.

Marty at the shack supervising Jamie in the garden

Marty and cousin CW playing with the playhouse. This is right before Marty decided to give CW a big old sloppy kiss right on the noggin, drenching his poor head in drool!

Brush your teeth, round and round...

He has five teeth now!

New trick, climb into the toybox to play!

Love drawing on those frosty morning windows

Mama reading to tired boy before bed

The poor cauliflower never saw it coming!

Saturday, July 10

The NW Coast of Tassie (and a Marty fest)

My outlaws, the fabulous Traveling Bears, have a house at Boat Harbour on the North-West coast of Tassie and it is one of my favourite places on earth. Granted the water is cold but it is crystal clear with white sandy beaches, gorgeous rock formations, birds, dolphins and fish! We were lucky enough to make it up there for a few days about a month ago and while it was too cold and splashy for fishing it still managed to show off plenty of winter charm.

This post will be pretty light on text but I've been wanting to get these photos up for ages so here goes! (remember you can click on any of the pics to see a bigger version)

First off some scenic shots to set the mood. These are either from Boat Harbour proper or nearby Sisters Beach.

And now that we've established that it truly is one of the most beautiful places on earth, it is time for the Marty Fest! We went out for a long beach walk and Marty was all bundled up in his womblesuit but he desperately wanted to get down and hoon around so we finally caved. He didn't eat too much sand...

That's all for now folks!