Tuesday, July 13

Family pics of the Birthday Boy

I can't really believe that tomorrow is Marty's first birthday. Somehow it all seems to have gone by so quickly, even the bits that went really slowly (like the long nights of crying - his and mine).

I thought I'd post a whole bunch of recent 'family life' type pics as a precursor to what will probably be a week or two of birthday related blog posts.

Marty at the shack supervising Jamie in the garden

Marty and cousin CW playing with the playhouse. This is right before Marty decided to give CW a big old sloppy kiss right on the noggin, drenching his poor head in drool!

Brush your teeth, round and round...

He has five teeth now!

New trick, climb into the toybox to play!

Love drawing on those frosty morning windows

Mama reading to tired boy before bed

The poor cauliflower never saw it coming!


Mothersupex said...

What a joy to see some beautiful photo's of our little 1 year old. We were so overjoyed, when we heard he was conceived, then the wonderful blogs throughout the pregnancy. We thought the birth seemed a breeze but the news afterwards, on how sick he was, well our hearts sank and the prayers rose. Now he is an extremely happy and bright young, energetic toddler, who is now one, and with all those teeth!! Our prayers were answered and you are a very treasured family. Happy birthday Marty from Grandad and Gran. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Mothersupex says it all. A verry Happy Birthday to a very special boy and his mums.

He looks a real charmer and I can see the Richardson side of the family in him. If he isnt already, he will be walking confidently very soon.

Wish I could be with him,

GA Kate

CousinKel said...

Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday to you.....
Happy Birthday Monsieur Marty.....
Happy Birthday toooooo youuuuuuuu!!
Much love to you on your big day
Where has the year gone? Mind you I wonder to myself where the last 17.9 have gone as my baby boy will be 18 in Sept. Don't blink guys - it all goes too fast. Enjoy your pressies and cake Marty xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
.... Much loved and beautiful boy!

Congratulations Mum and Mum on the wonderful job you are doing.

Congratulations Grandparents on your growing pride!

Love Ruth and Family

April said...

I had a funny feeling today was a "check the blog day"! Now I know why! I hope Marty Roo got his annual dose of extra-special hugs and kisses. Please give him a spicy Cajun kiss!

Laura said...

I can't believe Marty's one already! Many happy returns of the day to him!

Thinking of all three of you,

Vikki said...

I love all the pictures. They capture the beauty of family life so well. Happy Birthday!

Robee said...

More gorgeous photos! We are heading off to the USA tomorrow and just wanted to send early birthday wishes to you Jac. Hope you have a great day and a fabulous year ahead. Love from Rosemary and Wal xox

Lara said...

I absolutely love the frosty morning windows! (both the photo and the actual thing). Happy birthday Marty!

Anonymous said...

Happy bithday Marty - The big ONE. I can`t belive I`m bringing you your bithday present in person, looking so much forward to finally meeting you and to hugging your magnificent mums again! Love all the pictures! You guys are soo much more organized than us ...we haven`t got a chance at blogging as much, but I`ll get my act together soon(ish).

Love from Mona