Sunday, February 11

Best of the Best

We thought we'd share our best Christmas presents from 2006 with y'all. While there were a few lovely things to choose from (we were spoilt), the winners did stand out from the crowd...

Jo's is the "Great Writers" finger puppet set from Andrea and the kids. It includes squishy versions of Woolfe, Shakespeare, Tolstoy and Dickens (who are also magnetic and are now hanging out on our fridge). Inspiration at your finger tips!

Mine is the free standing hand-sewn CatRabbit toy that Jo had commissioned for me before she left! CatRabbit is an artist from Hobart who makes amazing toys, amongst other things. I called my kitty 'Duffle' and she hangs out in the lounge room with the playstation (she's very good at distracting you from the mess of cables). Briony has one of her kin, a white sheep, so she already has a date waiting for her in Tassie ^_^