Monday, May 27

A boy and his bike

I'm missing my little man so I thought I'd share this with y'all. No idea if it'll work! Here's Mouse cleaning his trike - all of his own volition.

Sunday, May 26

It's kinda dusty in here!

Yeah I know, long time no blog. But leaving all that behind for now I though I'd fire this baby back up and just see how it goes. No pressure, no weight of bad blogger guilt (well it was worth a try!)

Actually, I thought I'd fire this back up and use it for its original purpose - to report on my adventures in Texas! So here I am once more. Thankfully one of the good things about my job is that I'm able to maintain my travels to this strangely alluring place that has become a second home.

So let me start with the hear and now and if I get back into the swing of this I might even go back and fill you in on the last few years! Yesterday I arrived in Texas to spend some time with my bestie and get some work done. It one was of those trips where most of the things that could have gone wrong did, and I spent most of the time either running through airports with an express card and being blocked at every turn or standing around waiting for delayed and even cancelled flights! Thank you Qantas for whatever it was you did that had me #7 on a wait list of 74 people for the San Antonio flight!

Needless to say, once I made it out and saw my bestie waiting for me all the rest of it faded into 'meh'. Better still she informed me we were off to dinner (after a shower of course) and we headed out with Lorena, Cullen and Matt to my fave restaurant here - Tre Trattoria - for fresh pulled mozzarella and pan fried gnocchi :) Best jet lag cure ever!

I was doing pretty well on sleeping too, until a huge a$$ thunderstorm ripped into the city with serious lightning and house shaking thunder! A true San Antonio welcome!! I managed to fight the urge for about an hour but then I gave in, opened the blinds and half dozed and half enjoyed the show. The only downside was it left most of the city seriously flooded which put a dampener (sorry) on our morning farmers market and a walk plan. But that's ok because we both had a serious amount of work to do...

Yep, that's how we roll!

And now we're about to go walk to HEB for supplies. Yes, I said walk... Hopefully I'll make it without passing out from heatstroke or dehydration! More soon... (I hope!)