Tuesday, January 31

Mild panic!

My job offer letter and visa paperwork has arrived. I'm terrified and excited all at the same time. Oh boy... I've got no idea what to do next, let alone who or what a 'Notary Public' is!

Friday, January 27

Scribble #6

Scary weird little monster thing... but kinda cute! Posted by Picasa

Scribble #5

Death by Karaoke - Thanks to the Sun King for the inspiration here ;) Posted by Picasa

Scribble #4

Macchiato Glow - Notebooks and coffee are always a dangerous combo. Posted by Picasa

Scribble #3

Shambles... Posted by Picasa

Scribble #2

Tree Spirit - Inspired by the Kodama from Princess Mononoke Posted by Picasa

Andrew - this one is for you

Here are a few pics I promised I'd send Andrew ages ago. I figured I might as well put them up for the enjoyment (ha!) of all. I'd like to thank the folks at GeneMappers 2005 for giving me the inspiration for most of these.

I'm still not particularly up to speed on including images here, so bear with me ^_^

Yummy gum...

Ooh...just been checking out the Wrigleys site - being a die hard gum addict and all, and I can't believe how good the flavours are in the US compared to Australia. If I wasn't already planning to go this would have convinced me: http://www.bubblegum.com/bubbletape/index.html

Where am I going and why am I in this handbasket??

So this is it, my deflowering, my loss of blog virginity. I guess I should start as I mean to continue, which most likely means with a boring post full of mistakes... lite on content so you can slam it down fast...
This blog is dedicated to all the lovely people who I can't take with me to Texas. I miss you already and I haven't even left yet! Ok, so at this point the blog is perhaps a thesis distraction, but soon it will become a legitimate work distraction which seems to be more socially acceptable.