Tuesday, August 3

Birthday aftermath

Can you believe the Roo-ster is one already?

July is birthday season in our house with Marty and I less than 2 weeks apart. This year we managed to spread the celebrating over several weeks, culminating with a joint celebration (which I predict I'll have to get used to in the future). We also decided that since we'd be opening our house to the ravaging hordes we might as well make it a house-warming as well!

We tried to explain about blowing out the candles but he tried to wave goodbye to this one instead.

Marty has sped past a number of major milestones in the past few weeks. He's walking now, he's pointing, he's responding to a wide range of words (a lot of them either food or cat related) but the biggie has to be his voracious present opening skills! This boy has mad unwrapping skills. He strips tape and shreds paper like a pro. We had to keep my presents out of his reach!

First present was from us. Yes, it is a vacuum cleaner. Yes it talks ("Is that a rabbit? No, it's a dust bunny! Mwahaha") and no it is never switched on to 'talky mode'.

Please don't judge! The boy is vacuum cleaner obsessed ok. Who needs a baby sitter, we could just leave him in a room with someone's vac and he'd be happy for hours.

Not only does he unwrap, he does it in colour coordinated style!

Purry are you in there?

Master technique - shake the booty out!

Our dear friends sure kept the postie busy! Thank you to everyone who sent packages and cards and good wishes (and we will do our best to reply soon!!)

Occasionally there was some confusion about just which bits were exiting to whom. Prime example - Hamish and I are busy constructing the toy. Marty and Clare on the other hand are much more interested in the sample box of medicine!

Some of Marty's other toys are also fun for adults. Of course the first thing I made with these block was a giant robot and of course the first thing Marty did was pull it down on his head!

I know I've talked a lot about Marty's birthday but that's because turning 1 is way more impressive than turning 33, and because he looks better in pics than his Poggie. I had a wonderful birthday lead-up and party. I got some brilliant presents (my beloved gave me superpowers...or at least the next best thing in the form of gorgeous bird-watching binoculars) and one really sucky one (4 days of gastro) that landed me in bed on the actual birthday day. Thanks goodness only Jose and I got sick, Marty seemed to escape. Maybe it was that magic birthday cupcake we let him eat at the end of his party...

I can't tell if the sombre look is exhaustion or fear that we might remove the delectable sweet and sticky thing from his little death gripped paw at any given moment. We didn't of course and he loved it!


CupKate said...

Gorgeous pics of course! My favourite is the '2+' on the vacuum cleaner being unwrapped by the one year old. We knew he was a clever one!

CupKate said...

Actually my favourite is the first one, but the vacuum one amused me too!

Word verification: cakisic - what would happen if Marty was allowed to eat too many cupcakes?

Mothersupex said...

A great lot of pics which portray his birthday, over many days, absolutely beautifully. It was wonderful to be a part of his special day, and yours of course.

Sorry your tummy bugs lasted so long. You both looked washed out, the next day, but it was a blessing Marty did not catch it, or us, for that matter.

Your photo's have depicted the birthday beautifully, but where are your photo's undoing some of your presents?

Big A said...

I'm sorry I missed the Marty Party, but I have seen his unwrapping skills since then. He's smart! And any moment now a guy in a truck is going to bring some serious parcels for him to unwrap.

Dumblond said...

Thanks for the pics! Happy Belated Birthday to you and Mr. Marty!

Anri said...

How many changes of outfits did he go through?! Lovely pics there, looks like he had a great time. Sorry you guys got sick but at least Marty avoided it!

Jac said...

Thanks guys. No pics of my present opening - I'm not a kid anymore!

Lots of changes of clothes in the Marty pics because we spread his birthday over many, many days. I think we're still celebrating!

Mariposa del Diablo said...

Happy Birthday to you both! We had to give Emily her own vacuum cleaner at that age too. She would constantly try to ride on mine. I couldn't get anything done!

Josie said...

Oh, Jen!
You are alive?
Super impressed you had time to pop up here and say hi!
Glad Jac explained the range of Marty's clothes, otherwise it would have looked like he went through a stack of outfits in one day! It seemed silly to give him all his presents at once so he had some happy days opening things . . . it's still going as another present appeared in the letter box for him yesterday.

Ruthie said...

Beautiful pics :-)
Lovely to share from a distance xxx

Anonymous said...

The last photie takes the cake!

"If you try any move towards me woman....
look out!"

Gorgeous gorgeous boy. Our boys think he is the cutest baby ever!

Love Ruth and clan

Mariposa del Diablo said...

Still alive!