Thursday, May 18

My new friend

I have a new friend who has been coming to visit me of a morning!

Cute huh?

Ok, so I may have been leaving out some treats...

Do you think I can feed him rabbit mix? Is there anything good or bad to feed squirrels? Do they get lumpy jaw from bread? Does lumpy jaw even exist???

I bought some of those bird seed blocks that you hang in trees and they've been good because he can't steal them, he has to eat them slowly. It's also a pretty impressive climb up to my balcony! He's dedicated.

He did a little happy dance for me this morning so I though I'd share the love-

Perhaps I'm going a little crazy living on my own...


jeannie said...

Hi Jac
Not sure if I will get this to work. I've a few concerns about that squirrel, i just remember the birds in Merimbula, great at first and then a pain in the neck and cup and plate. A friend of Big A had a nasty incident with a squirrel at Exeter Uk.
Enjoying your news

B & C said...

I love the little happy dance! What a fab tail too : ) The pics from downtown are great. I really like the red sculpture, do you know what it's for? Kinda looks like soft serve ice cream does when it comes out of its spout. Les will be super impressed to hear you went to the Alamo. I think he's a big fan of the wild west and its history.

JacWabbit said...

Hi Jeannie!

Great to hear from you :) I know what you mean... I've been worrying about that side of it too, but he's much for of a fraidy cat (squirrel) than those birds! I have those photos as part of my screensaver and they make me giggle everytime, especially the one that tried to hop into your cup of tea!

It'll be too hot for me to sit on the deck soon anyhow. Sure is warming up.

I miss you guys.

JacWabbit said...

Didn't get close enough to the scuplture to see a plaque but I'll have a look next time. The thing is HUGE but a good landmark.

The grounds of the alamo were gorgeous. They had some huge cacti and big fish that looked like koi but were probably catfish (although they were orange and I don't know if catfish can be orange...)

JacWabbit said...

He's far too cute not to feed! This morning he was sitting on the edge of the herb pot looking through the window.

It's ok though, I'm not planning to try to hand feed him or anything like that, he's just fun to watch.