Thursday, May 11

Glitter and Zombies

Just a little catch up on some seriously old news! A few weeks ago I was treated to the night life of downtown San Antonio. Somehow after work drinks turned into an 'exploration' of the local nightlife. It was a great night! One of the bars, called Zinc, reminded me of hanging out in Melbourne. They had great beetroot crisps and good tokay. We sat outside because it was a hot night (even at 3am) and fiesta was on so there were a lot of happy people cruising around covered in badges and balloons and other fiestery kinda stuff.

For the grand finale we ended up in a 24 hour Mexican restaurant which I'm sure is where all good Christmas decorations go when they die.
Exhibit A - Tizzy!
Somehow I ended up ordering deep fried oysters and enjoying them! I love most of the food in this place but mexican is the one I'm the least keen on and usually try to avoid! It was oysters or beans - no choice really ^_^

I got home around 5am! Luckily it was a long weekend so I had plenty of time to catch up on my sleep.

Then, last week, a few of us from work decided to go to the Rob Zombie gig that was on in a place called the Sunken Gardens in town. An amphitheater inside a park inside a quarry, I think! Tom was a big supporter of the venue so even though I'm not a huge Zombie fan, I was keen to go and see the place and have a night out. The gig was supposed to open at 6.30 (there's an 11pm curfew in the area for noise) and Lacuna coil were billed to play first. I was looking forward to seeing them. However, San Antonio being San Antonio meant a huge hail storm swept across downtown at about 5.30 pm burying everything in about 10cm of ice and bucketing down on top of all that! The sunken gardens flooded and they had to pump water out, but the show went on! Eventually... They let us in at about 9. Sadly, no lacuna coil, but Rob Zombie played a short, fast set and it was lots of fun. The crowd were great, high energy, it was packed! We got pretty muddy but we had fun.
Rob Zombie
The crowd going off

My friend Andy is visiting at the moment (he arrived at 4am last night - his train was supposed to get in at 11.30pm!) so I'm guessing there may be another tour of downtown by night on the cards in the next few days. I'll skip the mexican food this time.

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