Wednesday, May 24


It may not be very interesting news but I finally have a table! I've been looking for one for ages, but they were either too hideous, too expensive or some combination of the above. However, I found one on craigslist the other day, from a student moving out of her apartment. Bit of a scary drive to try and find the place! It's a basic ikea table and it's light and movable and matches my other stuff... and it was really cheap! (there's a lot of ands in there!) I even got to fold down the seats in Petey. That car is cool! (I have to pinch myself almost everytime I drive it)

Anyhow, I went to unnamed department store tonight to pick up a couple of chairs and when I got home I realsied they only charged me for one! I felt bad, but I figure they're a multinational and they can afford to give me one $30 chair. So, not only was the table a great deal but the chairs were only $15 each. yay.

The apartment looks a little more complete now. I'm having Matt and Tom over for dinner thursday night so it's perfect timing. Last time I had guests we sat on the floor and I don't even have a coffee table so it was dinners in laps. I'm going to attempt a prawn laksa (I say attempt because i'm not familiar with the brands I have to cook with) but I'm worried that the coconut milk may not be up to scratch. Oh well, I'm sure it'll be fine! I'll let you know ^_^

My new table

The other great thing about the table is that when I'm at home I work off the 'built in computer hutch' in the kitchen, which is about the same height as the benches, but I only have my little ikea stool to sit about uncomfy! Now I can move the laptop to the table, spread out and work in comfort. Oh no....I can't believe I've just given myself no excuse not to work at home!

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