Saturday, May 20

Slow news day

Hello dear friends,

It's a slow news Friday but I still wanted to say hi and let you know I'm thinking of you all. Mum and Dad are selling the house and moving out in a few weeks so my thoughts are with them and their fiesta garage sale this weekend. If anyone is in Devonport tomorrow grab the paper and look them up! They're in East Devonport but they'll strike me down for saying that and try to convince you it's actually Ambleside!

G&K, do you guys have any electronic copies of yr wedding pics? If you do, could you perhaps email me a couple, or any pics of my favorite niece. My screensaver is made up of photos of much loved people and places, but it needs a bit of an update. That goes for the rest of you too, any new pics would be lovely! As long as they're decent! (yes Mungral, that was directed at you.)

No big plans for the weekend. I'd love to get out and about and see more of this strange land, but I think I need some time to just chill out at home. There's something about this incessant heat that makes me not want to even hop in the car, let alone walk anywhere. It's been 95 (about 36) for the past week, and looks like next week will be the same, if not hotter. It's dry and clear and the nights aren't getting below 70 (21 degrees) at the lowest point, which sounds ok until you try to sleep. Tried not using the AC and keeping the doors and windows open but it doesn't really work. I've never been very good in the heat though...

There are a couple of Asian supermarkets/grocers that I'd like to track down so that may be my quest for Saturday. I also HAVE to wash Petey because he's filthy from the *%$@ dust. That may be a never ending battle though. I hate the idea of getting up the next morning to see the once clean car covered in the stuff, but it's getting hard to see out the windows now!

Have a great weekend! ^_^

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mothersupex said...

Had a wonderful garage sale at AMBLESIDE. Feel sorry for the people that might have gone to East Devonport. Many dealers in first, and, we were congratulated for pricing everything, and with reasonable prices, so that they could buy and then resell with profit. Dad said will have to pump up the tyre on the wheelbarrow to take the taking to the bank!!!! I wish :-)