Friday, May 26

Hammering in my head

No matter how warm it is outside or how tempting they may appear, margaritas are EVIL!

Tequila is EVIL.

It's a learning curve.


Old Bull Lee said...

Hello stranger. Been watching 'Deadwood', a western set in an infant gold town of the late 19th century - watch it!

I'm coming over to the US in late October: Virginia. Hopefully I can catch a ride across to Texas. xxx

CupKate said...

Hey Jac
Not relevant to tequila.. but to distract you, some crazy people in your town have invented a 'riot slimer':
Researchers at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas, US, are working on a new non-lethal weapon that could quite literally bring them to their knees – by sliming them.

Check out
The bottom entry is the slmier. But also acoustic gene therapy sounds awesome! Anyway.. back to study oncogenes etc...
xx K8

JacWabbit said...

Hey Cupkate,

Tehehe...I initially thought you said they were 'slimming' the rioters and I was going to pop round the corner to the institute and offer to beta test for them. But sliming...that's nasty.

JacWabbit said...

Yay for late October! Should be easy to get to TX. Give me plenty of warning and I can try to hook something up for you. It'd be so good to see you.

I've heard lots about deadwood but I only get the free to air channels that happen to be broadcast in the right direction for my poor little antenna to pick up.

I've got myself hooked on the Sopranos...can you believe it??? After giving you a hard time about it!

CupKate said...

Slimming.. that would be a different approach. But no sliming sounds... messier! Meanwhile... its cold and I'm studying. Kind of. Can't wait for holidays :)