Thursday, May 25

Help, I'm stuck in an omega block!

We're having what you may describe as 'perfect weather' at the moment, but it feels very strange... It's consistently a dry 35 degrees each day, dropping to no cooler than 20 degrees at night. Mostly clear skies, almost no humidity. It's been like it for nearly two weeks and not looking like it'll change until Tuesday at the earliest. This is what my google desktop weather has looked like for the past two weeks:

same old same old

Apparently where stuck in what's known as an Omega Block. It's where there's a big, omega shaped front over the whole of the US, where the weather from the southwest is forced north, towards Canada, then moves down to the southeast, and once it sets in it takes ages to shift. The folks under the block (that's us) get dry weather and only light winds until it shifts. Which means it stays hot! It's funny watching the news because after nearly two weeks of this the meteorologists are so bored! I feel sorry for some of the other states though, because the block has brought them nothing but persistent rain.

I wonder if there will be more storms or if storm season in over. If it it, it sure was brief (ok, and scary too). And while we're on the topic of storms, I've included a video I took during the hailstorm that scared the beetles out of me. I was huddling in the dark so there's not much to see but you get the idea. Only thing it doesn't really show well is how terrifyingly LOUD it really was.

The hail storm

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