Friday, May 19

Great news!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that my PhD comments are back! I haven't seen them yet, all I have is a digest email from the Menzies, but here's the gist of it:


We received notification of acceptance of your PHD thesis today... There are only very minor modifications required (reviewer one - 6 minor changes, reviewer 2 - about one page of minor changes) which are due by the 9th July.

Comments were excellent such as:
'substantial contribution to the understanding of genetics of glaucoma'
'pleasure to read'
'whole heartedly support her receiving the degree'
Ms Wabbit (and her advisors) should be commended on performing such outstanding research'.

So well done!
You can have a full-on Texas celebration (not sure what that entails)...

Yay! Hopefully it won't take me long to get through the corrections and then it's done! Yehaw. I got a little over excited when I got the email and called Jo on the mobile...ouch! But what the hey, this isn't going to happen twice!

I wish there was some way to catch up with Michele, Jim and Alison to celebrate, but we might have to save it up. I'll have a celebratory pear cider and wings at the Flying Saucer on Friday... oh wait, that's what I do every Friday!

Thanks so much to everyone who supported me and put up with me throughout the PhD. I don't think there's any way to explain how full on it can be and how much of your life it takes over. There are so many different connections, obligations and pressures. It's a seriously tangled web and it's still too early for me to say it was worth it but I am proud of myself for making it through, and so very grateful to everyone who helped, even if it was by not asking me about it and just being my friend. Sometimes you need that more than anything.



CupKate said...

Hurrah (thats Hamish's influence on me). Well done Jac! So good to see nice comments for you - and i'm sure u deserved them all!! Have some pear cider and wings even if you do regularly!! You could have a party with your little squiggle friend... he's so cute!

Big A&J said...

Well done Jac! We never doubted you. Those are really, really good comments. Get the corrections done asap, and sign off. My Exeter Uni friend had to go to the hospital emergency dept after an encounter with one of them cute little rodents! Like possums, they are inclined to confuse people with trees.

B & C said...

We're going to watch an extra Buffy tonight in your honour :) Big hugs and hearty congratulations (again)!

JacWabbit said...

Thanks everyone! Guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend... corrections! (yay)

B&C, any excuse huh?

The comments don't look too bad. Mostly typos or confirmation points. Couple of left field comments that may be misunderstandings. Should be ok.