Saturday, May 6

General update

post-hail innocence


As you have probably guessed, my laptop is now fixed so I'll be catching up on correspondence and the blog over the next little while.

Also, I have the phone on at home, and since none of you appear to be psychic I'll email the number. If you don't get it and you want it, just let me know. You can call me on this anytime, and it doesn't cost me (unlike the mobile). I also get cheap rates to Oz so it's all good ^_^

My dear friend Kath is coming to visit me today! Yay. She's in the US for a conference and is swinging by dear old San Antonio (there's a reason no-one calls this land God's country or anything like that...) which means I have to work out how to get to the airport form work, and how to get home from the airport. But I'm sure it'll be fine. My only worry is the second storm they've predicted for 4pm this arvo. Pray that it'll hit AFTER we're safely home because I've seen how Texans drive in the rain. One word - Badly. It's like they've never seen it before, which they kinda haven't.

I just looked at the doppler and it's pretty clear so here's hoping.

Matt, who lives not far away from me, just showed me all the hail dents in his car from last night! It's pretty badly dented. Poor Matt has had such a bad run of luck lately (ie. passport/visa stolen etc). I went and had another look at Petey and he has a few small dents on one side of the roof, but nothing worth getting worked up over. If it lowers his resale price, so be it, that's a while off yet. He was mostly parked under a tree (hence being covered in debris) but perhaps debris is better than dents, so may stick near the tree...although that has it's own dangers.

I'm so used to hail being tic tac sized white stuff that you get all excited about and can stand outside in. What an adventure ^_^


JacWabbit said...

I wish I could make blogger get my time zone right!

JacWabbit said...

Yehaw! I fixed it. Just had to dig a little deeper.

B & C said...

Those storms sound scary! Rain coming in UNDER the windows??!! Glad you and the PT are okay. I bet it's nice to have Kath there with you for a while. It'll be good to have someone who knows you and Australia able to share in the new things that are becoming familiar to you. Have fun : )

mothersupex said...

I am so pleased that your laptop is back as I love to read your blog for news and photo's. The cloud snaps are great, especially Jo's happy birthday. Cleaver girl :)
I felt for you, reading about the storm. It never seems as bad, if you have others in the house, but being alone and in a strange place, must be so different for you. We noticed, when away on our mainland trips, that Queensland has different storms than Melbourne and Tassie.

Big A said...

I've always wondered why there isn't massive mortality during those hailstorms. I mean, if one of those hits you on the head.... But maybe they just start with little hailstones and work up? Anyway, be careful!

Rennie said...

Dear Jac, This blogspot posting thing is complicated. I recommend a pith helmet to protect your noggin in the hailstorms.

JacWabbit said...

Heya Rennie! Good to hear from you. Hope all is good ^_^

Not sure about a pith helmet but I have been thinking about getting myself a cowboy hat, just a straw one so no match for the hail. Main reason I haven't got one yet is the hair. And the fact that I look stupid in hats! Just don't have the right variant of the hat gene. Al Baby has the beanie polymorphism!