Friday, April 14


Well, I've been here a while now (purposely not counting) and I've managed to sample the wings on offer across most of Northern San Antonio. For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, I mean Buffalo Wings, those thrice deep fried bits of chicken wings covered, nay smothered, in bright orange hot sauce that sometimes even lives up to its name. You grab one, dip the already well coated morsel in either ranch of blue cheese dressing and stick as much of it in your mouth as you can while attempting to suck/chew off the pittance of flesh and crunchy skin before all the added goo goes all over you. The wings usually win. I usually order 10-12 with ranch. Traditionally they come with celery sticks too (to take away the pain of the hot sauce perhaps) but the chain wing places have started charging extra for green bits. How rude.

Anyhow, I've now had wings from the two big wing chains here, and from the local boozer (called the Flying Saucer and close to home, I knew the apartment was a good pick!) and the Saucer's wings win hands down. The hot sauce is warm but not insipid and not too vinegary, and the wings don't look like they come foom a pidgeon! They actually have some meat on them. All this was perhaps made better by the fact that the Saucer has my favorite Californian pear cider on tap and insists on serving it in vases. All good on 30+ degree evenings, which most of them seem to be now.

This image is from the very people credited with inventing wings, the Anchor Bar. Ok, so they don't look particularly apetising but you just wait till you have a plate of them in front of you. mmmm

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