Thursday, April 20

Weird and Wonderful - part one of many

Strangest thing I've found this week:
Vanilla mint toothpaste! It's translucent brown and fill of silver sparkly bits. I had to buy it of course! It tastes weird, kind of like Wrigleys doublemint gum. There was also paradise fresh and cinnamint but picking the one I wanted was made easier by the scratch and sniff stickers on the sides of the packets. No joke! Paradise fresh smelt like some kind of fabric softener...blergh.

Also in the realm of weird and wonderful, when I walked out of my office yesterday I nearly stepped on a snake! Luckily it was small, ok, tiny. About 30cm long and very skinny, but he scared me! After that I did a web search of Texan snakes and really shouldn't have. There are HEAPS of them. Lucky I live on the third floor.

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mothersupex said...

Just read about the snake. 30cms is even too much, thankyou. Not for me!!!!!