Thursday, April 6

Sweet things

My lovely office mate, Vince, just came in with some Starbucks Fair Trade coffee AND a dozen Krispy Kreme! I've been trying to source the coffee ever since I arrive. I'd also been craving Krispy Kreme, and I couldn't believe I made it through two weeks without any. Photos attached so that y'all can drool :) They really are good. Better than good, they're fantastic. Don't think doughnut, think soft, fluffy, sugary bits of heaven.

I'll let you know what the coffee is like once I get a plunger (although, if I say that here everyone grimaces because they think I mean a toilet plunger...if they just made their toilets properly in the first place they wouldn't need them - or perhaps it's a diet thing too...)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jac,

A cheesy grin from sunny Queensland. Good to see you're settling in, tho those doh!-nuts look evil incarnate to me. Beware the dark side.

We've just had Jems and Brit and Amelia for a week, and how nice it was too.


A and E.

CupKate said...

Hi JacJac
Those donuts look good. I went to the new Big W in Kingston and there's a donut king there. I held out so far, but if i imagine they're krispy kreme donuts maybe i won't be able to resist! And Big W always reminds me of Walmart. Have you been in one of those yet? Just wait till Christmat decorations go on sale.. hours of fun in America!!
Great to see those photos anyway - looks like a fun place with lotsa potential.