Wednesday, April 26

Beep Beep

Well, after all the doom and gloom and giving up and going off in a huff I bought a car today! I wasn't really expecting to. There was one yard I was sort of interested in, but it was a bit far away, so we decided to go and have a look last night after work. As soon as I saw the car all rational thought went out the window! Luckily I had Joanne and Matt there (my Aussie contingent) to bring me back to earth and make me ask lots of questions.

No stinky 1998 Ford Taurus sedan or 2000 Focus full of dents or even Hyundais without AC, this baby is an electric blue, 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser. My dream car! Some of you know that it's the model I had my eye on before I left Oz, but I just hadn't seen a second hand one anywhere here. I took it for and spin (yup, me driving again - little less scary) and it was lovely! See for yourselves (although if you want to drive it you have to come and visit!)

zoom zoom

I can't pick it up until I get the insurance sorted, which is not easy to do without a Texan license or a driving history here, but perhaps it's just not easy to do period. There's no MAIB on rego so it's all in the insurance, and the premiums are huge. But, since there's no way you could survive without a car here it has to be done.

You like it? I'm a happy Jac ^_^

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