Friday, April 28

Name of the beast

The Beast

in the carpark at work
My car, affectionately dubbed "the beast" is in dire need of a name. Any suggestions?

Driving has been fine so far. The beast is lovely to drive. San Antonio was on it's best behavior as I drove to work this morning. I even made it through the junction of doom before I realise what was happening *phew*

Still, the quality of driving I've seen here is the worst ever, made even more terrifying by the fact that the town planners must
(a) either hate Texans and want to wipe them all out, or (b) have never driven, never been in a car and have no concept whatsoever about driving (or perhaps (c) San Antonio is one huge hot wheels construction set for a cosmic four year old, with the obligatory pieces missing, broken or chewed by the dog). The points of entry onto the highway are cleverly places about 50 meters before the highway exits, so if you want to get off (heaven forbid) you have to weave your way through the cars who have just entered! That is probably the single most ridiculous example of urban planning I have ever seen. And that's before you apply the various yield rules!

Talking on the phone is not only legal, I'm wondering if it might even be a license requirement, since everybody seems to be talking on at least one phone while driving. The most 'skillful' drivers do this while reading or looking at the enormous map they have spread across their steering wheel and dash. Staying in your own lane is clearly only an option for losers. At this point, I aim to be a loser.


B & C said...

Chris says to call it "Peacemaker". There's a line in a Steve Earle song that says something about a Colt 45 being a Peacemaker and he reckons looking at the PT reminded him of it??!! Something about its shape being kinda like a bullet...I guess it can be the bringer of peace to those freaky Texan roads! It's one super cool car.

CupKate said...

I asked dad for a good american name - he said Hank, Chuck or Billy Bob. But then if you told anyone there they might think you were having a go at them (which you might be....).
Nice looking car. Happy Driving!

JacWabbit said...

Thanks for the suggestions guys. Jo also suggested "Petey" and I was originally thinking Petey or Patti (we're still connected!). Somehow I fear "the beast" has stuck.


mothersupex said...

Hi Jac,
Dad, in his usual manner, said call it "Fugly". I like the "Beast" and love the white instrument panel. Pity everything is on the wrong side. Do you forget and go to get into the "passenger" side to drive? I thought Hobart was bad to drive in, or even Melbourne, but the roads there certainly put my heart rate up.
Take lots of care.
x x