Thursday, April 27

On a road to somewhere

I nearly have the car sorted. The loan is done, just finalising the insurance now (or I would be if they'd return my calls - my agent is having her garden sprinklers installed today so I'm dealing with someone else). If I do get it done I have to drive home tonight! Only marginally terrified!

Speaking of which, I'd just like to let you all know that my route to work and back involves negotiating this monster! I can barely work it out on the map let alone drive through it and come out in the right direction (while 'yielding' to oncomming traffic and all the other nutty stuff).

No dramas, right? or is that left...

Oh yeah, image taken from google earth yada yada

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CupKate said...

Wow a few more updates - you write cool stuff on your blog. I haven't updated mine as much lately cos it keeps being: " I did this, and this, and this...." but hey! Great to hear/read more news... car looks cool. Not sure I do want to drive it (mostly due to location!). Whats its name? And as for that beastly piece of road architecture... bleh!
Meanwhile I have a 'reflection on mortality' due tomorrow.. should get on with it!
big hugs
Miss you