Tuesday, April 25

Grumpy day

Don't you hate it when technology lets you down, especially new technology! My laptop screen has just died. I don't blame it, it's too hot! SONY are coming out to fix it at some unspecified time, so probably within a week, or more given that Friday is a public holiday (that's right folks, we don't get Good Friday off but we get a holiday for 'the battle of the flowers' ???) So much for getting the net on at home, I know I should have done the phone first. Oh well. Lucky I have the external monitor at work so all is not lost.

In other news, car shopping is proving to be a total pillock as well. All I got on Saturday was hot and sunburnt from wandering yards while incompetent salespeople tried to guess how much the nearest car cost, then they'd go inside to air conditioned comfort for a moment (read 20 minutes) while we wandered about some more, then they'd come back with info on a totally different car, usually an manual (I specified auto) but sometimes an SUV or even a truck!. Needless to say it was mostly fruitless, aside from the sunburn, and there seems to be very little around in my price range from the bigger yards (they go to auction and I just can't risk it). I did manage to test drive a few though, so my first experience of driving in San Antonio was spent with an agent drooling over me while I was trying to listen to the car and keep on the wrong side of the road. I managed to stop at most of the stop signs! Going to look at another one tonight *sigh* Wish me luck!

Well, what a downer this update has been. Really, all is well. I'm getting busy at work - working on a project at the moment that will involve me going to Oregon next month. My bed has been delivered and it's just lovely to sleep on. Harder to get up in the mornings that with the airbed! I'm really enjoying the apartment and didn't even leave the house on Sunday. Felt all domestic as I did my 'chores' The house hardly had a chance to get dirty so didn't take me long to clean it - but I felt better afterwards (Jo and Lou would understand). I've been cooking up a storm as well, chili crawfish pasta, udon noodle soup, creole seafood stew (with okra...the okra here is amazing!). No sure what's on the menu tonight...depends on how the car hunting goes.

Catch y'all soon. All love-

Jac ^_^

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