Tuesday, April 18

A room of one's own

I moved into the new apartment over the weekend! I was feeling really nervous about it on Friday because I hadn't seen inside the actual flat I was moving in to and I was worried about it being noisy or dirty, but the place turned out to be brilliant. Even better than I hoped for! Mind you, the move didn't exactly go as planned... The delivery guy rang me at 7am on Friday morning to tell me he had no bed to deliver! Chaos. Nice of Sears to ring me and tell me they hadn't shipped on time huh? After dialing about 12 different numbers and being redirected every time I finally ended up talking to a real person and convinced them to loan me an airmatress till the bed arrives. Not sure what they're going to do with it after I've used it mind you...

Anyhow, bed is now due to arrive this Friday, but we'll see. But back to the apartment. John and Jo got up early with me, waited while I signed the reams of paper work, then helped me move in. Most of the stuff I had bought was still flat packed so we had fun building all the furniture. The place still looks pretty spartan though, but I like it :)

I've included some pics below.

Sitting room

More sitting room... that's the window that leads out onto the deck.

Looking across to the kitchen from the sitting room.

As above!

Kitchen...nice big oven and HUGE fridge.

Bathroom...pre stuff

Bathroom...post stuff

Bedroom... sans bed

More bedroom... nice big window

Bedroom window that looks out over a big tree (no squiggles yet)

Last one, view from the corner of the deck.

Miss you all. I'll send my new address out in an email tomorrow. If you want it and didn't get it just let me know :)

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B & C said...

Your new place looks great Jac! The bedroom window is lovely and the view is nice and green (for Texas, says Chris). We both reckon it seems like a really good place to come home to. Can't wait to visit you there!