Friday, April 21

In my fridge this week I have...

* Fresh pink grapefruit juice
* Organic 1% milk (or is that fat) in the hope it may taste more like milk than what I've been buying
* 'Australian Style' organic yoghurt - see above only replace milk with yoghurt!
* Fresh asparagus (yay, I get asparagus season again!)
* Free range organic chicken breast...I'm not going to ask why it's yellow
* A salmon fillet (because I can)
* Coke *sheepish look*
* Roquefort! (I didn't buy it though)
* Fresh corn, greens, mushrooms and other lovely vegies including half a tonne of okra because it looked amazing!
* Salted, whipped butter (I can't believe it's butter)
* Spicy V8 tomato juice - great with vodka but I don't have any
* Some cream left over from making the killer scalloped potatoes for Easter, and by killer I mean in a coronary kind of way
* Some leftover sushi and seaweed salad
* Sourdough muffins because they taste almost like real bread and are sugar free
* Also, a water filter jug because the water here is not really gross, but it's full of limestone, and between the heat and the air conditioning I'm drinking a lot of it

My freezer is full of edamame, gyoza and crawfish tail meat! I love the supermarkets here.


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