Friday, April 14

Random Easter bits

It's Good Friday in Australia and I'm guessing there'll be a whole lot of hot cross buns going down. I haven't seen a single one here, so someone enjoy one for me. I'll miss my Mum's, usually risen in the heat of the car (hot cars are good for something) and Jean's. Wow, that just proves how spoilt I am (proves, get it). Hmm, I can't make jokes here and I thought that was an American lack of humour but perhaps it's me after all ;)

Not much in the way of chocolate for easter here either, except on the small solid egg scale- not many big ones. For some reason jelly beans seem to be an Easter favorite. You can buy all sizes of plastic eggs that split in half and you fill them with things (like jelly beans). Also, there's lots of real egg decorating stuff available. Briony and Imogen, you'd love the Hello Kitty egg decorating kits. I think painted eggs are very popular. So are Easter dresses, very fancy, particularly for kids (mostly girls) and I'm guessing perhaps they're for going to church in?

We don't get any kind of holiday for Easter. Although... I won't be at work tomorrow (Good Friday) because I'll be moving into my apartment! Yay. Looks like it's going to be a warm one too (just for something new) so hopefully we can get most of the moving done in the morning. Seems to stay coolish till after 1pm at the moment, then gets stinky. Although, with 4000 monkeys here at work it's stinky most of the time, hot or not!

I'll put some new photos up after I settle in, and I'll do my best to get a home phone ASAP. Email me if you want the address.



mothersupex said...

Happy Easter Jac,
The Hot Cross buns turned out a treat this year. Well risen and so light. Dad said they were the best, but he says that each year. Thought of you and Jo when I was putting the extra's into the freezer.
From my American scrapbooks, they have special outfits for Easter, and any notible occasion. It very often involves ALL family members.
Hugs from us both.

JacWabbit said...

Sounds yummy. We ended up having traditional (??) baked ham and scalloped potatos! I had to dig into the dark recesses of my memory to come up with the scalloped potato recipe, especially since cheese is aparently no go. It was good though. 35+ degrees, gin and tonics and many dips in the pool.