Monday, August 3

You asked for it...

Y'all keep asking for pics of us with Marty Roo, well here they are! In between work, eating, cleaning and looking after the Roo this is what we spend most of our time doing:

Yep, attempting to sleep!

Things I have recently learned:
  • I don't mind poop but I hate the smell of baby vomit.
  • It can take 3 hours to watch a 45 minute show.
  • Marty's fingernails grow insanely fast and they aren't soft!
  • He has supersonic hearing but only for the soft fall of a freshly dunked teabag into the sink and apparently this noise is incredibly painful as it invariably sets off the screaming.
  • The batteries in PT Cruisers are buried behind 90% of the engine> Random maybe but it died yesterday and if it weren't for the power of the internets I wouldn't have been able to find the bally battery let alone replace it. Who puts the battery under the air filter??
And since my blog was derailed by the masses screaming for pictures with the mummies (arrrr) you will all have to wait until tomorrow for the cute post. Oh and lesson number 43, tomorrow can be days away...

Oh ok you can have this one too - mostly because I forced poor Josie to get dressed so that I could take her photo for you all!

A quick postscript on the crying:
While I'm here. Of course, we're only letting him cry when we're absolutely sure there isn't a reason for it other than Mr Fussy Monkey wants to be awake and even then we only let him do it for about 5 minutes and we never let it go to the full scream. He has a different kind of cry for hunger, wet and wind and quite a different cry for pain (someone still needs to learn cause and effect - he pokes himself in the eye and then screams at us like we did it!) Actually, on the whole he doesn't cry much at all (yet) and not for long - but he does have his fussy moments where even he doesn't seem to know what he wants other than to tell you he's mad. We hear you boy.


Ruthie said...

Thank you :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics. Sleeping baby.. ah bliss.
Those first weeks at home are an amazing learning curve, and its wonderful how everyone copes despite the exhaustion. I can tell you from experience every stage passes very quickly, enjoy each one!

xx Jeannie

word verification "ouctesi" it's what Martyn is saying when he pokes himself in the eye

Adrienne said...

Beautiful family pictures make me cry. We have firmly established this as an incontravertible fact. Keep 'em coming!


Penny said...

May I add Jac

You will start to eat your meal about 1 hour after you dish it up, but you probably will never finish it

Coffee/Tea/Whatever will be still in the cup wayyy after it reaches room temp and you will probably re-heat it in the mic twice before finally tipping it out

And that super special little suit that was waiting for guests until the bub wore it will be on for approx 3 minutes until it has poop/vom/'what-the-heck-is-that?' on it!

Yes, it's all fun, and sleep deprivation happens for a reason - it's so when you look back, it was the best time ever!

Love lots

PS - he is looking more and more precious by the day xxx

Anonymous said...

I could spend hours on this blog... Lucky we don't have the internet at home! (And lucky the thesis is finished already...) The Roo is too, too cute!

As usual, you guys are proving to be over-achievers! Seriously, it took us months to figure out what each cry was for... Actually, I'm not even sure we did figure that bit out...

I love reading about Marty and seeing pics of you all. It is a real joy for those of us living so far away!

Lots of love,

Jane, Duncan and Clancy xxx

Big A said...

Hey! Some bloke stuff... how big was the battery? How did you get it out? What type did you replace it with?

(You know I'm kidding. I still go all gooey at the baby shots)

"xemsbea": let's see you get something outa that one, Rennie.

Dumblond said...

You may not mind the smell of poo now..wait until other foods get into his system! You will discover smells and colors you did not even know were possible!
And no matter what kind of diapers (I believe you call them nappies) you use, whether they be cloth or disposable, cheap or top of the line, no matter what kind of wraps you put around matter what kind of precaution you try to take, eventually, you will have a poo leak. Your only hope is that it is just on himself...

Mothersupex said...

I agree with Penny. Couldn't put it better myself. You have learnt so much in such a short space of time. Lovely to see Jo too. These little people are soooo exhausting. Car batteries can be a bit that way too. Good on you Jac to do it now and not in winter.

Anonymous said...

You guys just look amazing! Jo - you look beautiful(even when snoozing)Jac - it amazes me that you find the time to work/change batteries/cook gourmet food/make cuppas/soothe crying babes and keep us all happy with info and photos on the blog! SUPERMUMS! Love you al
Leah & the gang xxx

Liz said...

Those pics are hopelessly, hopelessly adorable. What a sweetie (and how lovely he looks now he is all gorgeous and pink!)

Jac said...

Not entirely sure I am coping sometimes but we seem to pull through! Thanks for the comments guys, they sure help.

Jeannie - the further we move from that horrible lethargy the more I'm loving the sleeping baby!

Rennie - softie :P Speaking of family pics we could do with one of you and your man.

Pen - thanks for making me laugh!

JD&C - we love having you guys here, just wish we were closer than the blogsphere

Big A - It was big and black and had some numbers on it that matched some other numbers in a book...And we got it out on the advice of a youtube clip except we didn't use pliers like the dude in the clip!

Shana - Just let me enjoy the non-stinky poo! Although I'm not sure I'll ever be able to eat seeded mustard again...

Mum- couldn't wait for winter, car was dead and left me stranded, with groceries, at the complex mailboxes!

Leah - Thanks beb, we needed that xox

Liz - Isn't he? Even pink from screaming is better than the little yellow jelly baby

Anonymous said...

Lovely Family! All three of you are looking wonderful1` (I wish i did at the same stage!. I too never did learn to pick out every different cry. I suspect Robert did them all whatever the reason. I kept getting the "Let Down" reflex until Robert was at least 18months, and Andrea was 3. A real nusience on the supermarket.
Some Indian curries take me back to the milk years....... Smell better though.
Big A's post... I though he was talking about nappy contents till I remembered the Battery....
Glad all is going so well now,

Luv, GA kate

esty said...

love what you have learned. I won't even add to them because what you haven't learned you will soon enough and till then just enjoy blissfully NOT knowing. I may or may not be referring to blow-out diapers the likes of which only a breastfed baby can deliver once he begins solids...interesting:I can finally smile about that now.

love that cute baby boy and you both xoxox A, E and our trio