Friday, July 31


I regret to inform you all that Master Martyn cannot possibly appear on the blog today due to a slight case of baby acne. I just don't have time to photoshop out all those spots!

As a consolation here is some news:

The poor Roo has had a sore tummy or stingy poo because he's been out of sorts the last 48 hours. Lots of grizzle grumps and some unusual crying. Not really sure whether it was something Jo ate or he got too hot (Tuesday was a scorcher and the AC had trouble keeping up) but he's much better now so whatever it was is out of his system. Lets just say that he didn't learn his formidable farting ability from me!

Self soothing was our friend last night. We'd been patting and pacing to soothe the little screamer to sleep but it was pretty hit and miss success wise and often left Jo sleeping with him in the other room, not daring to move unless he started up again. Last night we opted for putting him down in the crib next to us and trying to ignore the piteous cries for 5 mins, and hallelujah! It worked! It may never work again but last night was sleep punctuated by feeding rather than vice versa.

I've been slow roasting a sticky soy and five spice marinated hunk of pork all day so that we can have pulled sticky pork over noodles tonight. The entire house now smells edible!

Oh ok so I wasn't serious about no photos! But this will have to tide you over until tomorrow's mega-cute post...



Adrienne said...

Good morning! I nearly fell for that "no new photos" routine. Okay I actually fell for it.


EmDee said...

Good to see that Marty is on the peace train already. Peace to you too Marty.

Well done with the controlled crying, it is very trying!!

Happy weekend guys

Love Em, Maj n Osk xoxoxo

Gabe said...

tagging each post with both "marty roo" AND "Baby Tuesday" is going to give you premature carpal tunnel!

Jac said...

My beloved editor chastised me for saying controlled crying. It wasn't - apparently that's some form of torture. What we did was just let him cry for a minute and work out how to soothe himself.

And Gabe, I have tagging on one key shortcuts and I have to have multiple tags meaning the same thing because my &%$# tag cloud tends to randomly drop one or two each time!

Big A said...

"How long should we let him go on for?" becomes one of the world's most significant questions. Remember that cry is designed to make you jump up and look after him!

Sleep well, Baby Roo.

Anonymous said...

What a great photo!
As a mother who had a baby who had the exact same routine of crying unless she was sleeping on either Jase or myself - I applaud your self-soothe technique...The hardest thing is listening to them cry!I had NO willpower!Well done Mega Mums! You're doing a fantasic job!
Love L,J & OJ Sallese

Ivy said...

You should have a caption competition. That one to me says

'C'mon, fans, make some noize! Peace out!'

Dumblond said...

If he got the hang of it after only a minute or two...oh I envy you. When Bubba Dude just couldn't seem to get himself to sleep without us, we eventually did let him cry it out. That was the worst 30 minutes of my life. I just stood right outside his closed bedroom door and sobbed. He was about a year old at the time and Paul and I just couldn't take the wonky routine anymore. It was heartbreaking...but it only took one more night of that and boom. Now the kid can climb into bed and fall asleep inside of five minutes. The Diva Princess on the other hand...well...maybe one day...
Hopefully, you will have more nights of peace.
Peace out!

Anonymous said...

Well done you lot! So glad to hear that the Wallaby has returned to the mother ship and birthweight regained, and lethargy not a problem. Now you will only have the usual problems of new babies! Good luck! I often wonder how children survive cildhood, and babyhood especialy. ... But then we've all done it...!
Andrea went very spotty, it goes eventually,I'll email you one of Andrea! (sorry Andrea, Mum's privilige!) and we too had the "let her cry moments". It isnt easy, but it does pass. She liked a warm lambie, and a gentle patting. But the hard bit is knowing whether it is the identifying whether it is a cry that need attention or whether it is just fussing. Who knows what they are thinking, and what is disturbing them.
Glad you did put some photos on.
Can I request one of Jo too please? and oneof Jac as well?

Luv, GA Kate xxxxx

jenna said...

Hey wow! Sorry it's taken us so long to catch up with The Big News: welcome to Marty for joining the world and his parents for joining the world of parents. I'm with Big A on the crying thing: if y'all git up and have a look early, y'all can sit right back down agin once the problem's solved :) S Mead hardly got to extend her crying reflex since her parents fought to get to her first! Wonderful pix. Hopefully we might get to see you between Nov and Feb with Ph will be in Berlin and the rest of us in various places between here and there. Meantime, look after that wonderful boy and congratulations all round. Much love from Ph and S in Melb and me here in Perth x x x

Clare said...

I had to learn the very long hard and sleep deprived way that helping little ones learn to get themselves to sleep - so long as all is OK - is one of the great parenting tasks. It is just so hard to know when to do what - and as Big A says - how long???? and that is different for different babies at different ages and stages etc etc. So sounds like a good experiment and good outcome - long may it continue.
Now I will put in another request - again, and this time along with GA Kate, for pikkies of Jo and Marty and Jac and Marty - and I keep checking for the next lot of pictures and now another Monday is about to crash into me full of swine flu and pertussis etc etc so I will have to wait until tomorrow night.

I love the early signs of political activism! Responding well to invisible long-distance influences possibly.

The spots will get worse before they get better, sorry to predict.

Loads of love,

Clare and Hamish