Tuesday, July 21

Making progress

A quick update on where we're at with Marty Roo and the villain-rubins.

We saw the pediatrician today and he was really pleased with his progress. He totally agreed with our decision to ditch the forumla and use a combination of breastfeeding and pumping. His poop output is now fabulous! Thanks for all the thoughts of plenty, they clearly worked! Marty is now only 4 ounces off his birthweight, so climbing from the drop he had in hospital (I think he dropped to 7 pounds 5 but now he's 7 pounds 15). Mind you, he did wait until they weighed him before releasing the mega wee (good boy). I think he thought we were seeing the pee-diatrician.

His temp was good and he was nice and alert, and he let loose with a fabulous seedy breast milk poop while our doc was checking him out. Again, good boy! I think our doc was slightly shocked by the detailed poop/pee/feed/temp logs I'd been taking but they helped to keep us on task and keep me sane!

We're going out? You mean I actually get to wear clothes??

He sent us off for another blood draw for a bilirubin check and the disappointing thing was that is was still too high. Around the same level as when we were in hospital, but at least not climbing. That means we need to keep up the light therapy until the next visit/blood draw Friday. The problem with the ABO stuff is that the antibodies that are doing the damage can stay in his serum for weeks, so he might not have hit his plateau yet. If he hasn't then it is a good sign that we are keeping him leveled out.

Back on the light pad

So now that we're home again we will just keep doing what we're doing (well, with less of the maniacal poop logging) and hope for a good bili number on Friday. Oh and I should just mention that I was the first of us to get pooped on because someone (who shall remain nameless) decided that it was a good idea to leave him wrapped in a towel with his bottom airing while I fed him! Set up much!!


Kathryn said...

Such cute photos! Hooray for stable bili levels (baby steps). Sounds like you are doing fine and getting the hang of things. Three cheers for Jojo for managing to pump. It can be a bugger, much harder than actual feeding in my opinion.

Dumblond said...

At least he is not worse, right?
Have I mentioned to you before how adorable he is?

Anonymous said...

Great to get another update. Just keep on doing what you're so capably doing and trust that the levels will come down. Give him a special cuddle from me. He's so lovely.

Love and cuddles


Clare said...

I got inspired and thought I would put some old baby photos up on my blog but it has taken me ages just to get a couple of pickies of Hamish - next Kate!

the link is http://clareandhamish.blogspot.com/



Anonymous said...

Thank you thannk you thank you for posting the gorgeous photos of your little man Roo. He is an absolute treasure...We will be sending some welcome pressies to you guys very soon...Auntie Leah has been hanging to go little baby shopping!Bless you all - you are all doing a fabulous job!

Lots of hugs

Leah Jase and Olivia xxx

Ruthie said...

Just lovely to see the little chap looking so good and to read the progress he's made. So heartening when things are going well, and stomach churning when there's a disappointment (I remember it well with Phil though a different cause), but hang in there, you're doing a superb job :-)What stars, all three!
love and hugs

CupKate said...

Excellent to read another update - flattened out levels is definitely better than rising! Keep up all the milk in poop out action and hopefully Friday will be a winning blood draw!
Can't get enough pictures of little Roo - my desktop pic has had to change again after this post.
And Mum - you've now posted comments on 2 blogs in a week... wowee!

Mothersupex said...

Precious photo's, good news that the bilirubin is not rising but still it is a very big worry.

Congrats Josie for the towel idea to let his little bottom breathe. Don't think Jac would agree :-(

Your both doing wonders and it is difficult not to worry but our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Hugs and love,


Sue and Abby said...

Such an adorable little thing! And so sorry to hear of the problems but it sounds like he's making a full but slow recovery. I know it means nothing right now, but this time makes for great stories. Remember Abby's explosive poops when you baby sat her. We were so relieved to hear that at the time because we also had problems with formula when the breastmilk was coming in. We ended up doing exactly what you're doing with the pumping. Don't be discouraged if he choses the bottled breastmilk over the real deal. It's easier for him to get the milk. At least he's getting breastmilk and not formula! Take care of yourselves too. I wish I was there to help out!

Liz said...

Oh, bless him. I am sure that these times in a parents life are designed so that in 15 years' time, when he's being an 'orrible teenager, you can look back and think: "Well. At least I don't have to log his poo any more."

Bee the Comics Widow said...

We were wondering how the doc went. Thanks for blogging on Marty's progress! We'll have our fingers crossed for Friday. It's so good to hear that you're all making it through each day with courage and smiles. You guys are an inspiration. Yay for poopin'!

Jennifer A.K. Harris said...

Yay Marty!!

Adrienne said...

Darling Girls,

My mother said to congratulate you on your beautiful boy. Al and I are still beaming good wishes and good luck excreta thoughts to you. Keep up the good work. Know that we love you.

:) A

April said...

Camille sez, "Oh, he's crying! Take him out of the computer and let's hug him."

April + Camille

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the photo of lil Marty holding onto Jo-Jo's (?) hand, so beautiful : ) Just had to comment, haha!
Love Britt. X