Saturday, July 25

A little breath of good news

Marty Roo and his Poggie

Today we took Marty Roo back to the baby sticker for his latest bilirubin test. Luckily we also manage to have it combined with his 2 week PKU screen which means one less trip out there and one less heel prick. He screamed to high heaven but calmed down the minute the poor nurse was done.

The "shark room" at our pediatrician's office is a tad scary!

Well the short of it is that his bili is down! Not a dramatic drop but at least a drop (from 9.8 to 8.3). The great news is that it is enough of a drop that our pediatrician has us off the light therapy until Tuesday. Then we'll take him back in and they'll have a look at him and see whether any of the jaundice is making it to the skin or if it looks like we're out of the water. Basically we just have to keep doing what we're doing, sans wallaby, and hope the antibodies have hit their peak and we're now on the downhill.

We've even been doing double light therapy in the evenings - and yes the window is open, I know UV doesn't make it through glass...

The best part of this news is that now he gets to be a real little baby! We can cuddle him whenever he needs it, we can dress him and we don't have to feel guilty whenever a feed takes a while and keeps him off that &%$@ wallaby. Last night he flat out refused to sleep anywhere but on one of our chests, and let me tell you this kid has a will of iron (his mama is just as stubborn).

He can finally wear clothes - Although now we need to work out the real sizing on all of them! Global clothes supply makes life confuzzling...

Almost forgot to mention the other good news. I found out yesterday that my abstract for the big genetics conference in Hawaii was accepted for a platform presentation! thought I had no chance this time since this meeting will be huge - there goes my stress free holiday but still, it's fab news. It will also be my third ASHG platform out of the four years I've gone!


Hilary said...

Fantastic news!! You are all doing such a wonderful job and here's the proof! You all look so great, keep the photos coming (and I will try and start to do the same in return!) Happy, happy, happy birthday Mumma Poggie!! xx H, C & c

julie said...

Hoppy Birthday - what a wonderful present - unrestricted guilt free cuddles.

Congrats for platform presentation!!

Sewing, foodie, photographer, designer, amazing partner and parent- is there anything you can not do! I think not - all blessings to you Jac and much love xo

EmDee said...

YAY for Marty!! YAY for you all!! What great news. It must be wonderful being able to cuddle him etc.

Well done on the presentation Jac. All that hard work is paying off, good on ya.

Will be keeping our fingers crossed for reducing levels of nasty bili.

love EM Maj n Osk :)

Bee the Comics Widow said...

Hey, we like that top Marty's wearing!!

Happy B'day Jac :) Hope you have a lovely one. Your first as a parent! YAY!

And super congrats on Hawaii.
Hugs, B&Cxxx

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Jac. Thanks for more photos. So glad you can cuddle him whenever, without feeling guilty.

xx Jeannie

Big A said...

All good news! Can we sneak into the session in Hawaii?? Hanging out to meet the little fellow.

Mothersupex said...

How lovely to see baby clothes. We are so, so happy to hear extra good news. What better birthday present could Mommy Poggle receive.

Happy birthday from Mom and Dad.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jac Jac & Jo Jo & Marty Roo!
Happy birthday to you, Jac...Great news re bili scores - every little bit counts!Marty Roo is just thriving by the llooks of things and what a handsome devil he is even in clothes!Love the updates with the photos - wish I could give him a big cuddle!Keep up the fab job you are all doing...
Miss you lots
Leah, Jase and Olivia xxx

Clare said...

Fabulous news!! congratulations on everything. Happy Birthday, happy cuddles, happy presenting, happy playing dress-ups - great photos. Can we have classic Mama and baby head and shoulders and Poggie and baby same, and maybe a profile of Marty please - as you are such a star photo-journalist.

Sooo glad you can just pick him up - wish we could too. I have just been extra-clucky with babies at work!

Hurrah! Hurrah!

Clare and Hamish

ps Tahnee and James are going to do the proper best friends of bride and groom Kate and Tim and get married too - more Hurrahs!

Dumblond said...

What fantastic news! I'm sure that you have tons of baby clothes you have been just aching to put on your little man! And the chance to hold him news ever!
Have I mentioned how adorable he is?

Sophie said...

Happy birthday Jac, Hope you have had a fantastic day, With lots of cuddles! A huge congrats on the presentation also, awwesome news. Life is looking pretty damn good over there... Sooooo happy for you all xxx

Adrienne said...

Darling Richardson-Charlesworths,

Congratulations on the platform presentation and Happy birthday, Jac! Hurrah for falling bili levels, unrestricted cuddles and succesful swaddling.

Love you all dearly,

A + A

Anonymous said...

Well done with the Billi scores. It must be a huge releif to finaly see them begin to fall.
Apologies for not sending Happy birthday vibes. I had the feeling Jacs b'day was sometime in July but didnt know when and with all the excitment with Marty I completely forgot to find out. SO belated Happy Birthday Jac!
Congrats too for the podium talk. Love the pics, more please, especially of the threeof you! GA Kate xxxxxxx