Saturday, July 4

Kicking back 4th of July style

Ahh Independence day, what a well timed holiday you are. It is hot, the beloved needs to rest and then whoomp, we have a long weekend! Only downside is our OBGYN told us NOT to have the baby this weekend because she's away. But if we do, meh, it'll be fine.

Jo and I have realised that this is the 4th 4th for the both of us (she scored one in Hawaii when she was little). We are planning a very quiet weekend all round. I spent most of the day cooking (roasting tomatoes for pasta sauce, ham bones needed to be turned into stock, more pickles - sweet turnip and chili this time - and now for some crazy reason I am roasting lamb shanks and vegies even though it is 40C outside). Tomorrow we have a few friends coming over for a swim in the pool and a quiet dinner so I'm planning a light Asian influenced banquet of tsukemono, shiitake kushiyaki and tsukune (chicken meatballs), mango salad (lots of fresh mint, coriander, avocado, cucumber, palm heart and lime leaves with a Thai style dressing), inari and whatever else I happen to come up with on the day. Should be fun to put together!

I just wanted to share a few pics to celebrate the 4th and show off just how cool my workplace is. Firstly we had a huge BBQ even for everybody at work last week with lots of good food, drink and competitions - including the 'decorate your flip flops' contest!

I'm not sure if she won but she should have!

Another of the contests was the famous water balloon toss! Where you take a willing partner, stand out in the searing heat and toss a water balloon at each other across increasingly large distances. You are out when the balloon busts (but in the heat wet=happy so everyone wins) Hilarious to watch!

Top two pics show the final catch by the reigning champs (softball girls, they make it look so easy!) and the final splash (orange shirt)

Then this week one of the girls at work decorated her section of office hallspace and was offering apple pie and coke to celebrate the 4th!

Look at all that hard work! This was the same chick who had the decorated thongs.

And on the other side of that window? Apple pie and mini cokes!


Mothersupex said...

I'm so pleased that you are in such a happy atmosphere, both at work and your tree house. Just hope that Josie's balloon does not pop this weekend, as you both love your OB/GYN and I know she wants to deliver Tuesday.

I think Ken and Barbie should have won, hands down. Can't believe the work to do all of the decorating, the thongs, the office and that apple pie which didn't last too long.

Nice 4th for you both, just a shame it was so hot.

The meal sounds lovely. If we got on a plane now, would we be in time for deserts or left-overs.

Many hugs and love.

Big A said...

Glad you had a couple of days off.

Doesn't it make an interesting comparison with Australia Day? I can't imagine someone here decorating their office like that. It was Canada Day last week and someone brought Nanaimo Bars to morning tea, but I don't think they go in for quite such a big deal either. Maybe we should learn to have more fun.

Dumblond said...

Can I work there? You totally have an opening for a fat dumb housewife who has very little education, hasn't worked in over ten years and lives in Washington right?