Tuesday, June 30

Bonus photo

Since you've all been so quick off the mark on the last photos, here's one more because for some reason it didn't upload with the rest this morning!


Adrienne said...

I may have to up my guess. Are you sure it's just "a" baby? You're looking gorgeous JoJo. Kisses to you both from Al and me.


Jac said...

Happy Birthday gorgeous Rennie-girl!


Big A said...

Our little girl....

Hang in there, kid. Not long now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo and Jac,

looking fabulous, all the best with the next part of the journey!

Love Family Feeger

Mothersupex said...

Just a little bigger.........like wow. This was Dad's exclamation. Sure does show off Tuesday.

Not much room left in there kiddo, better get ready for the big day, with all the fuss, cuddles and kisses that is beyond imagination. Also photo's and more photo's then more cuddles and kisses as you are admired with such loving eyes. You are the most wanted and loved little baby, and have such adoring and truly capable parents. We all long to see your little face, ten fingers and toes and healthy "little" body. Come when you are ready, and we shall be waiting.


Gran and Grandad

Jac said...

Actually this pic was taken before the others but different clothes sure do show off the bump in different ways.

We can only hope that he's healthy, ten fingers and toes and all that, but if not we'll all be fine. Tuesday will be who he is.

As for the blog, must be time for a food post!

Adrienne said...

A hospital food blog?

Bee the Comics Widow said...

HA! A blog on hospital food, I'd like to see that :)

Jac said...

I have no intention of letting my beloved eat hospital food!! Sheesh people. Half the hospital bag is already stashed with food supplies (including a bottle of lemon barley water concentrate because it's one of the only things you can find here with no high fructose fracking corn syrup in it. America, wake up, that crap is KILLING you!

Adrienne said...

No Cascade Blackcurrant Juice? Oh how have you survived? This incomprehensible American obsession with making food out of things that should not be food - like palm oil, corn syrup, cows raised in cages and things with more than five syllables! I swear if they could eat fossil fuels they would.

We know you wouldn't let JoJo eat hospital food you could however to a comparative pictorial essay of what they offered JoJo and what you fed her instead.


PS. Word verification: implentu = when people unexpectedly drop around and you still manage to send them away full.

Ruthie said...

I love your 'implentu' definition - perfect. :-)

Mothersupex said...

bWe just love to come back and look at you, Jo, as you look so beautiful. I noted the photo was taken a few days before the one of you on the balcony of the tree house and in the pool, but you look so perfectly pregnant :-) That would be difficult to say if you had a drink of alcohol ..Perfectly pregnant.

Love to you ALL

julie said...

dearest josie, you have taken this all in your stride and you are so very beautiful, I hope the last few hours, days.... continue to give you the time and space and love you both need before the arrival of your dearest boy. My love is with you all always jxo