Wednesday, June 24

Tuesday's room (aka our guest room...)

Ok, so he doesn't need his own room really because we'll put his cot in our room, at least for a while, but it was fun to decorate (thanks Target for having this stuff on clearance!)

As you can see, still a few pictures to hang and I still need to sew a panel to the bottom of the curtains, but the rest is basically 'just add baby' and we're good to go.

Wall decals are removable. On the table you can see MacCluer the octopus, Jennifer's amazing yoda hat, our 'pond stackers' (coolest magnetic stacking toys shaped like all things that might crawl from a pond), a brio dachshund and Mrs Bick, a toy bird Jo had when she was a baby!

Looking into the closet. Notice the Tuesday burp cloth (with grey kangaroo) on the door (work baby shower gift, we know some talented people!), also my favorite new book 'hush little dragon' up there with my red dragon toy (amongst others), and another of Jennifer's felted hats!

Finally a sneak peek into the closet! It might look like chaos but it is (mostly) organised by size and yes, it has all been washed!


Anonymous said...

Whow! Who's a lucky boy then. You should have seen what Jo had to put up with. It all looks lovely, can't wait to visit. As for all those clothes, you will have to change outfits several times a day!



Mothersupex said...

How exciting to see all of this and what a beautiful room. Just love the colours and also the animals. The closet (wardrobe) full of tiny clothes so beautifully arranged. You two are just amazing, now we just need to sit back, not hassle, and let nature take it's course.

Thank you for the peek into Tuesday's room.

Many hugs and much love,


Anonymous said...

Nice! Thank you for keeping us up to date on the preparations! We are all waiting with you!


Ruthie said...

Simply wonderful...

Bee the Comics Widow said...


Robee said...

Love it! Everything looks wonderful and I love your colour scheme. The room looks lovely and light and airy too. You will miss those American walk in closets when you get back here though!

We are feeling very excited for you and can't wait to see the first photos when the little person finally arrives.

Much love, Rosemary and Wal.

Jennifer A.K. Harris said...

You have a Freddy The Firefly!! That was Emily's favorite toy for about a year and a half. We still have it.

Jac said...

Thanks for having so much enthusiasm guys :D

We've been camping out in there for the fun of it.

Freddy was a gift from Aunty Britt. Those lamaze toys are so beautiful!

Boni Ashburn said...

Your baby's room is adorable! I'm honored to have my book be a part of it- thanks for the glimpse of my dragons' new home :)

Congratulations and best wishes!

Jac said...

Boni we can't tell you how much we love your book! Thanks so much for stopping by to comment.

I've already taken to singing him parts of it in utero and I'm pretty sure it's going to be a favorite gift for others.

As for the rest of you, if you haven't seen it yet, go check the book out:

Adrienne said...

The room is gorgeous. I assume that there are more days in the American week? Otherwise I'm not sure how Tuesday is going to do justice to the clothing store hidden in his cupboard.

word verification: jowst = competitive double chin wobbling.


Big A said...

Ah, Mrs Bick! She was named after a colleague here at UTas, and I can still hear her little tune (the toy's, that is). It reminds of nappy changing in the wee small hours. You should try it.

Jac said...

"It reminds of nappy changing in the wee small hours. You should try it."

I don't really think I'm going to get a choice...

Penny said...

Thanks so much for sharing, looks absolutely wonderful. So envious of the walk in closet, he has more storage than me!

Enjoy these few days being a twosome... the world as you know it is about to change forever!(for the better though;-) )

Love lots xxx

Sophie said...

Yay... what a fantastic looking room, with so much love put into putting it together, clearly this is going to be a very luck little boy. Let the countdown continue!!! Thinking of you both... ENJOY! xo

Anonymous said...

Oh cousins, how eexciting this all is! Tuesday's room looks really nice, all waiting for him!

We still haven't got the internet at home yet so my communications are difficult at the moment, but I am thinking of you and can't wait!

Love you both lots
Smith Cousins and Jingles xxx