Tuesday, June 30

Pregatron photos

I realise I have been slack in posting pictures of my beloved and the basketball she appears to be hording. No sign of labor but we're still 14 or so days off the due date so no real dramas. Plus if he's born in June and not July we have to edit a bunch of legal paperwork which would be a right pita.

Josie is doing incredibly well and she never ceases to amaze me. Not only is she still working full days and dealing with the 40 degree heat but she looks fabulous and hardly ever complains. I am in awe.

Some of you have been asking how she manages to float...quite well actually! And since I already paid for making a Moby Dick joke I will not go there again!

The many pools around here have been a godsend. We have 2 at our apartment complex, both gorgeous and really clean and the one that is meters from our house is really private, so we've been trotting down there as often as we have the energy for it. Even at 9pm it's still 35 degrees C outside!


Ruthie said...

Great pics :-)Jo looks so well.

Was re-reading blog yesterday - decided i wanted to play the baby-shower guess the date and time game ...so... I pick... 14th July, 7.30 pm and 7lb 4oz

word verification 'uncat' needs no definition!

Mothersupex said...

Jac you are typing too fast, in the comments :(

Josie you look fabulous and so radiant. You have done so extremely well, with this pregnancy and your ankles look slim. You are astonishing and we are so sure our grandchild will be very healthy, with all those lovely foods Jac prepares. It was so delightful to have a blog about just you in your radiance.

Thanks Jac and our love and prayers to you both.


P.S. my word was thusshal ???

Jac said...

Ruthie! That date and time would be perfect, if she can bear to hang on that long. I picked July 4th for the fireworks :D

You should be sleeping. Still have a full house? Post coming soon?

And I really shouldn't try commenting at the end of a long, hot work day.

Adrienne said...

9 July - that's my mummy's birthday
5.36am - it is the best time of the day really!
7lb 8oz ( I don't know how many ounces in a pound so I'm guessing)


Anonymous said...

I was hoping for more photos, you look lovely Jo. I was awake most of Sunday night expecting you to have the baby then and when the phone rang at 5.30am I thought it was you. Just Niall in the Faroes. And for the date, yes due date 14th just after 2.0pm and weighing in at 8lb 3oz (just like his Mum)

xx Jeannie

Anonymous said...

A change to the expected date, the 13th not the 14th but same weight and time.

xx Jeannie

Big A said...

It wasn't so much >how< she floats as which way up!

I suppose I have to buy into the Birth Sweepstake: 15 July, 7.30 am, 7 lbs 2 oz. Is someone recording this?

Word verification: 'shmaffie' Tempted to leave that one for Rennie, but how about what a drunken Glaswegian says when someone steps on his toes?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics Jac, Jo still looks like a model pregnant woman. Glad to hear that you are coping in the heat, thinking of you every morning when I see the San Antonio temperature on my iGoogle ... My guess on date failed miserably, but then again, It was more like wishful thinking. Looking forward to seeing the little guy :-)Johannes, Anna and Alfred sends their love. Alfred recons you guys should be moving here eny time now ...


Josie said...

Ahhh Mona,
We'd love to escape to Norway, and visit you all! Especially after those photos on your blog, looks like you've had some beautiful summer days, and long nights! I don't care if the water's cold. Tell Alfred we miss him and his dragon . . .
Ha, word verification is "redie" well I think we are!

Adrienne said...

I've returned to comment on this post again. I love how your balcony plants tie the apartment to the trees beyond. Beautiful. It all looks so lush and verdant.


word verification: lenimis = something that tastes toxic but isn't.

Big A, I always thought Shmaffie was a small dog with a large moustache, that presumably gets underfoot of a rather drunk Glaswegian.