Thursday, July 23

Stichin' (without the bitchin')

Just before the little Roo was born, when I still had insane amounts of time on my hands, I decided that I'd attempt to sew him some toys. I'm not the world's best sewer by far but I enjoy it, although I draw blood more often than Edward Cullen! Up until now the only toys I've made have been more adult...slightly mixed up rabbits etc. This time I wanted to make something more baby friendly, so soft, droolable fabrics, tight stitching and high contrast colours - plus something he could get his little mits around.

The first one was a bit of a flop in my opinion... ears too big, body a tad too round and the wrong fabric for his face, but he was a great learning curve and my beloved loves him so all good.

Clutch wabbit - the somewhat failed prototype

From there I decided to try something a little different. I'm getting the hand of this magical 'stitch something that looks sort of messy and turn it inside out to reveal something super cool' thing. I drew up a lot of parchment paper pattens for this one, but the &%$# fur was so slippery that it kept messing with my edges. The legs turned out to be way too large but the rest was ok, and he has such a soft underbelly!

The finished boodle bug

And since I have to keep the Roo fans happy here's a few more pics of sleeping beauty, who decided to sleep lots during the day so he is well rested to wreak havoc on his mummies ear drums later tonight... yay. I think that means he's feeling better though - he sure is strong when he wants to be!!

Out like a light...on his light

Fly catching


Anonymous said...

I like the bootle bug, not so sure about the wabbit, I think the ears are a bit scary. All done by hand? what you need is a 'mighty Elna' like mine.

Sleeping baby, what bliss.

xx Jeannie

Clare Blue's Alias said...

Hey there Family of Three,

Excuse me, but that is one extremely good lookin' boy you've got there!

Good to hear that things are progressing well, still sending him (and you two) lots of anti-bili thoughts and lots of love,

PS I like the bug a lot!
PPS Thank you for keeping the international Roo fan club happy with pics ;)
PPS The security word-verification I had to type to enter this comment was "sapho" -- some kind of message, do you think?!

Mothersupex said...

You ARE taking after your mother, well done. The wabbit is cool, the ears are just his identity. Good to suck on. The bootle bug excells. Congrats and a huge cuddle. So well done. I agree with Jeannie that you will have to get onto the 'mighty Elna' but then you will be wanting to do curtains, like the shack.

Hope you night wasn't too bad, but more poops please, like lots more. He does not look starved. Hopefully this will all be behind you, excuse the pun.

Hugs, Mum x x x

Bee the Comics Widow said...

Those toys are awesome Jac! I love the boodle bug, he's great! Really yummy material you're using too :)

Anonymous said...

Well done with the toy making! I have made teddy bears in the past, one poor creature had a very small head, I didnt enlarge the head pattern as much as the body pattern, It was just HIS identity.

You will be wanting to make his clothes too, nice cool ones probably, Burda do multi ones for children and are quite simple to do.
Glad he is making noise, though as you I hope he becomes diurnal rather than nocturnal,

Keep up the photos , he's lovely.

GA Kate

Dumblond said...

I like both of those! My favorite is the bunny. Very cute.
Have I mentioned how adorable your son is?

Anonymous said...

At the moment...I am living for the updates on the Roo boy!I check every morning for new blogging and photos! Jac Jac = the toys are just are a very clever's amazing how motherhood brings out our love for traditions such as hand making with love for your bubba!I am having sewing (machine) lessons and I am attempting to make my daughter a funky pinny. It fills you with a great sense of pride to see your little one wearing or playing with something you made so lovingly!WELL DONE!
Ps...Your boy is a bit of a spunky one...
Love Leah, Jase and Lolly Olly x

Adrienne said...

Dearest Jac,

The toys are wonderful! You've definitely taken the handcrafts to the next level. I'm in awe!


Big A said...

Can you make Mack trucks and train sets out of that stuff?

(But very impressed, Jac)

Robee said...

Such a clever one, on many counts! I love your wonderful and original toys, especially the bug.
We are hoping that you have an early birthday present of good news from the next blood test for little Marty Roo.
Hope you enjoy your special day.

xoxo Rosemary

CupKate said...

Hi! Thats some great stitching! I like them both - but especially the back of the boodle bug! I hope you still get time to make things now that you're actually doing motherhood instead of preparing.
I wonder if my little batwabbit is too small for him - maybe one day I can make him a bigger something to suck on!
xx Kate

Josie said...

Ahhh Katie Kate, your Batwabbit is far to special to let Marty suck on it! And Jac is in the background saying "No, miiiiine"! He's hanging on the wall on Jac's side of the bed with her Ghostpatrol toy!
On my side, I have a little toy Briony made me, which now hangs right over Marty's cot.
Hand made things are so special. Thanks to you all for leaving such wonderful comments, you've no idea how much they mean to us.
Love and love,

Bee the Comics Widow said...

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
PS: My word verification is PUING. Could mean pooing is a success?