Wednesday, July 22

Baby Steps

Our little glow bug

Today the little Roo turned one week old! I just wanted to post quickly to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been reading the blog and leaving comments here. It makes our day when we log in to read what y'all have been posting. It is just wonderful to know what Marty has such a huge (and global) extended family.

I physically went back to work today (mentally I'm not sure where I was) AND I hit up the supermarket, all in one fell swoop. It was hard being away from Jo and Marty. I had to print a photo of him to put on my desk to remind me he was real!

All is well here. We're continuing with hard core feeding plus phototherapy. He's much more alert and for longer periods of time. He has great muscle control and at day 5 managed to completely roll himself over! Going to have to watch out for this one.

The little Roo on his wallaby


Big A said...

Missed the last post through being in the bush at Scottsdale, getting wet and muddy (Marty: you can come and help one day).

Keep going, keep posting.

EmDee said...

Hey Guys

So glad to hear that he is on the mend, positive pooey thoughts coming your way Marty Man. He is absolutely bewdiful. My Ma thinks he looks an ole soul, I have to agree, he looks as though he has a lot on his mind already!!

Best wishes to you all, BIG HUGS n much love
Em, Maj n Osk xoxoxoox

Anonymous said...

He looks so sweet snuggled up, even with his glow mat. Thanks for posting.

xx Jeannie

Dumblond said...

That makes me giggle...A Roo on a Wallaby...
Have I mentioned how adorable he is?

julie said...

Two posts - what a gift and good news too! Life here is manic but dropping in on you beutiful people puts life back into perspective and makes me glow with love.

What a lucky boy Marty Roo is to have such amazing parents and us extended family types who will always be there for you all.

best best for Friday

Anonymous said...

He looks so sweet on his wallaby!
Poor Jac having to go back to work, must have been so hard for you.
keep on posting!
Anri x

CupKate said...

Hi lovelies! Am more than happy to keep posting comments to make your day, so long as you keep posting gorgeous pictures! Good to hear he's alert and awake - if he knew all the awesome toys stored up for him in his bedroom he might start rolling towards them!!

Hope werk is bearable - maybe you'll need a live feed from home to check on Jo and Marty to make sure they're not having too much fun without you!

Totally glad to be part of extended if somewhat far away family! Can't wait to be nearer.

Liz said...

Aw - all that hair! He's going to be a looker. Hope you're not too miserable being back at work.

Anonymous said...

What a stong lad to be able to roll over.... Dont leave him unguarded for a second! He looks lovely with the UV glow around him on his wallaby. Funny name fro it, I wonder why it was chosen?
I dont envy Jac going back to work, It mus tbe evry hard for you, but you'll cope. how is Jo doing without you tho/ She'll cope too I am sure.

Keep the photo's coming too they are all lovely.

GA Kate,xxxxx

Jac said...

Thanks guys, we feel like we're making progress but it is great to have your support!

Shana: I think maybe, just maybe, you might have mentioned it ;)

Em: I totally agree about the old soul, or maybe it's more grumpy old man...

Jules: Great to have you dropping in, I know your life is pretty hectic so we appreciate it!

Cousin A: Work not too hard yet but mostly because I'm not planning full days in the office. Lucky for me my job doesn't need me to be in a particular place most of the time!

Katie Kate: Bugger the toys, I'm hoping he can wear some of his clothes before he grows out of them!

Liz: Lovely to have you dropping by! I'm just busting to style that hair but his mama says no. It goes a little curly when wet and the UV light is making him blonder by the day :)

GA Kate: Thanks for being a great example of his global family. This boy has so much love! Jo is doing really well, she just has to be reminded to rest when he's resting or I come home to two tired bunnies! She's way tougher than me though.

Jac said...

And Big A, I'm sure he's just busting to dig up critters with you and I guarantee I'll have a fishing rod in his hand the minute he doesn't see it as something to chew on.

Jeannie, never fear, I will keep up a steady stream of pics. I can't help myself!

Mothersupex said...

We feel the torment that your brain must be going through, having to work, but wanting to be home. You poor thing, and Jo would be missing you around.
Guess she has made the odd call or three?

Keep us imformed and were there for you all.


Robee said...

We are enjoying the updates, keep them coming! It helps to make us feel more part of the family, even though we are so far away. Keep up the good work both of you Mummies. I can't believe Marty has rolled over already, that is amazing! We have been proxy parents for the last 10 days for Lily and Charlotte while their parents are in the USA (LA). They have been so good.
Love to the three of you,
Rosemary xox