Wednesday, July 29

Bye Bye Bili!

We took Marty Roo to see our fabulous pediatrician today (he's a great guy, I'd recommend him to anyone!) Our instructions had been to keep him off the bili blanket from last Thursday (when we had the last blood draw) until today so that he could look for signs of worsening bili levels (colouring and lethargy mostly). The fabulous news is that he passed with flying colours (not yellow ones!) His nose still looks a little jaundiced but the rest of him is pink and delicious and there's hardly any sign on that sickening lethargy.

The other test he aced was the scales. Last time we visited (8 days ago) he was still 7 pounds 15 oz, 4oz off his birthweigh of 8 pounds 3 oz. Today he weighed in at a grand 8 pounds 12 ounces!! That's 9oz over his birthweight in 2 weeks!! Ladies and gents, we have a puddin... an alert, active and danged strong little puddin!

Someone to watch over him - The Roo with his friend Rubin the Bili-slaying dragon

We caught up on some much needed sleep today, well after Marty stopped screaming and the delivery guy returned the wallaby to its mother ship. It seems he has an innate sense to detect the moment his Mama sits down with a cup of tea and usually takes these opportunities to display his "I'm fussy you must comfort me" side. He has a similar sense for the second his Poggie's head hits the pillow.

Dude, this swing business in exhausting!

'Dis my squeaky monkey face


Clare Blue's Alias said...

Congratulations JacJac and JoJo and RooRoo. Wonderful news. Lots of catch-up hug time for you three! And thanks for keeping the blog well stocked with the visuals. Some of us over here in the homeland check it waaaaay too often...
Lots of love from the chilly mountain,

Mothersupex said...

WOW WEE, You have all done it. Fantastic. Our prayers have been answered in full.

Today we have been on tender hooks, just waiting for some news, but this is the best since he was born.

We are all on a high now. Great start to the day. Boy Josie, that is some juice you have :-)

Adrienne said...

It's such a wonderful way to start the working day - looking at new photos of Marty Roo.


Big A said...

Great news, and I agree with all the appreciative comments about the photos. Only they the just make me want to be there NOW! (But don't stop them coming).

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, here I go again with my silly grin and tears in my eyes. It is so precious to see the photos of the little guy and read your words on his progress. I know how beautiful it is to let your little one be a normal baby after starting off with some challenges. It may be next summer but I can't wait to meet Marty and see you two in action as parents. Keep up the awesome work. You have many more great times ahead.

Julie (Lorena's sister in B'ton, IN) and the Havill-Weems Boys

julie said...

Bless Bless, very glad to hear good news, well done mums! I like him in red! much much love jx

Anonymous said...

Good work guys, he is looking well and happy.

xx Jeannie

Penny said...

Congratulations you guys, fabulous work. These little geezas all have an amazing ability to know just when you want to take 5... don't worry, he's just getting you used to the next 18 years ;-) It's all good though and having just been through what you both have, I am sure you don't mind one little bit (well, mostly!!)

Love, hugs and kisses to you all especially little M.Roo.

the Hoppings

Sally said...

This is fantastic news. Love the photos. He is gorgeous! You are doing so well. Kisses and hugs from us here in Melb! Abi is two on Saturday and I can't believe she was once this little. All the cliches are true - 'they grow so fast'! Enjoy!

Cousin Kel said...

Well done all of you! So glad to hear that things are finally on the way up. And boy is that Marty Roo a mega cutie! Gorgeous photos, thanks for keeping us all in the loop and keep it coming!

Bee the Comics Widow said...

Super fabulous news on the Roo! Yay!

EmDee said...

WOO HOO!! Thats fantastic news. Bye Bye Bili indeed!

Happy Birthday for the other day Jac, glad the Marty Roo gave you some peace on the day, take it where you can get it!!

Much love Em, Maj n Osk

Ruthie said...

Lovely news :-) what a delight he is!



CupKate said...

Excellent news! So glad to hear he's being alert and un-yellow. Good way to be! More super pictures - he's got more character each time I think.
Hugs to all 3 of u.

Jennifer A.K. Harris said...

WOOHOO Marty!! Packing on the pounds!

Who's your pediatrician, by the way?

Paul said...

Great News! Congratulations. :)

Clare said...

And we too say HURRAH!
He is already looking more grown up - and certainly a strapping lad. What fantastic news about the defeat of the horrid bili villians, and the itchy henchmen.
My 'baby' is buying children's toys on her student income, and I don't think they are for Marty - but I think he has been giving her ideas!!! I see she is checking as often as we are for new pikkies on The Blog - keep them coming, even though I am with Alastair: I want to be there NOW - but March will have to do.

loads of love

Clare and Hamish

Robee said...

Can I add my congrats to you guys as well, you have done a sterling job! It is a shame you had such a worrying start to parenthood, but things will only get better! Isn't it amazing how many good things have happened on a Tuesday?
Danny and Jacq had two hospital stays with Gemma in her first few weeks, but now she is a roly-poly gorgeous 4 month old and you would never suspect she had a bad start.
Love to all,
Rosemary xox

Dumblond said...

Begone! Foul Jaundice!
That is great news! And loving the additional photos of your little man with his eyes open.
Of course now that he is not as lethargic will be!
Here's hoping you won't have to deal with colic too!

Jac said...

He's no longer adorable Shana? :P