Monday, August 10

Water baby

A fine summer evening on our deck

Firstly, apologies for getting the wiggly woo stuck in everyone's head, even mine! I was going to use Feist's 1 2 3 4 but my video editor didn't like the mp4 format. I'll try to be more considerate next time, or not :D

One of the perks of being up at 4am. Josie spotted the tree outside our deck shaking and discovered there were two raccoons having a lovely time! She came in to see if I wanted to hop up and see them too and I was heard to mutter something along the lines of "it's probably better if I don't". Hehe, I was tired!

It has been pretty busy here, probably no great surprise. We took the Roofus Farty Bird to see the lactation consultant Friday and that went really well. Because of the high bilirubin in those first days and the need to pump him full of food to clear it from his system we've been both breastfeeding and expressing/bottle feeding (which is lovely because I get to help!) He's only having breast milk and he does feed well on the breast, we just wanted to make sure it was working consistently (sometimes you'd think we had him in thumbscrews from the hollering!) Jo got 100 gold stars for milk production (we will soon need a new freezer) and he has absolutely no problems with weight gain (he was 9 pounds 11, nearly a pound up from last week!) and of course he fed perfectly on the breast while being observed. It was helpful though, we got some good tips on positioning him (because he's %$#@ heavy now) and some new super slow bottle teats.

Last night we took Marty to his first party and he did so well! He was chipper, he fed and had lots of cuddles. We didn't get close to making it through the queue of people who would have liked a cuddle but there'll be a next time! Jo and I were both impressed by how well he did! He wore the stripy outfit with the crab on it that he was swimming in a few weeks back and it was nearly too small to get the poppers done up!!

But back to the title of this post. Master Martyn is certainly a water baby. He loves it! I'm pretty sure he'd stay in the bath all day if only we were strong enough to hold his puddin head aloft for that long!

This was the first bath of many...

And he just loved it and was so chilled out!

So we took him in the shower...

And he loved that so much he kept his eyes open the whole time!

Little water baby!


Ruthie said...

Gorgeous pics - what a wonderful little chap you have :-)

Jennifer A.K. Harris said...

Martyn was a total champ last night! So glad we finally got to meet him :-)

Mothersupex said...

We thought the milk supply was good, perhaps there is a donation scheme, at your local hospital, for some leftovers? It also helps you to know that he is getting a good amount, with a weigh-in.

It must be lovely to be able to share those cuddles with friends, now that the bili dragon has gone and you can socialise him. No doubt there would be a queue with such wonderment, before the birth, then the worried you had with the "bili" dragon. He was starved of cuddles before, so can understand he would love them now. Must have been different for him to see different faces and feel different cuddles. Well done Martyroo.

The water babe is probably due to all the swimming, during pregnancy! So happy that this is something that he likes as can be very useful, when upset.

Absolutely beautiful photo's of the bath, and shower. True photographic studio pics :-)

Hugs to all,

Gran x x x

Mothersupex said...

Sorry, good pics of the raccoons too. Sleep well, my child :-D

Anonymous said...

Pleased to see you've made the most of the 'modesty flannel' in the bath photo... But my favourites are Jo and Roo in the shower! Great to hear he's a water baby - we're looking forward to taking Roo to the beach at South Arm some day...

love J, D and C

Adrienne said...

Perhaps the Roo could have a dance card so that people who were in the queue the last time but did not manage to actually secure a cuddle could be assured that they would receive a turn in an orderly and rational fashion? I have previously suggested arm wrestles or cage matches as a means of determining who gets the next cuddle of popular babies but I suspect the dance card is a fairer and more genteel system. Although it is more susceptible to bribery.


Anonymous said...

What a cutie. So glad he likes the water and socialising.

xx Jeannie

Penny said...

Hugs to you all - you're doing amazingly well as first time parents. It's a steep learning curve at times, but there are so many rewards. Mr Roo is such a little treasure.

Love lots


Dumblond said...

So glad to hear that things are going so well with the little guy!
Thanks for keeping us up to date!

Big A said...

No surprise that he is a water baby, given his mother's preferences. Just make sure you keep a good hold on the little bar of soap.

And a party animal too!

Maybe some sort of on-line booking system for those cuddles?

Cousin Kel said...

What a photogenic boy the fabulous Monsieur Roux is - just loving seeing each picture (and they are divine!) Keep up the good work - he's obviously thriving.
Enjoy every moment - it goes far too quickly!!
Oh and now I've 1 2 3 4 stuck in my head...!

Bee the Comics Widow said...

Haha! Roos and Raccoons - can't get any better than that. It's been great to catch up with the blog after being offline :)
B xx

Clare said...

Eating and socialising - now that is a proper start in the right direction in my reckoning. Just wish we could be in the cuddle queue - but the blog is a fantastic next best. Although that Wiggly Woo song - well may you apologize Jac, that really was sticky.
Lovely photos of Jo and Water-Roo - now we would like Jo to hold the camera and point it at Jac and Mr I can roll over already sMarty-Roo please.
Hope the sleep deficit is not growing,
xxx Clare and Hamish