Tuesday, August 25

Feeling hot hot hot

Thought you might like to read today's weather warning, give you a little sense of how insane this summer has been. 100 degrees F is roughly 38C, so a touch over body temperature meaning it is miserable! 96F on the other hand is lovely!

Special weather statement
National weather service Austin/San Antonio TX
1122 AM CDT Monday August 24 2009

...Hot afternoons highs will continue today...

More hot afternoon highs will come today...as highs rise to the 100 degree mark again in a long trend that has continued since June. Afternoon highs today will be between 5 and 10 degrees above average for late August...and will be near to slightly above the record daily high for august 24th. The heat index this afternoon to the early evening will rise to near 106. Overnight lows tonight will be in the 70s.

The last recorded high for San Antonio on August 24: 101 in 1988

As of August 23rd, 2009 the number of 100 degree days for this year was as follows:
54 at San Antonio International airport
65 at San Antonio Stinson field
63 at Austin Mabry
61 at Del Rio

Weather service recommendations:
Use of light weight and light colored clothing...using enough water to deal with the summer heat...and trying to avoid outdoor activity at the hottest time of the day will make it easier to deal with the hot afternoons. Also check on the children and elderly and make sure pets have shade and plenty of water.

Jacwabbit's recommendations:
Crank the A/C then take a watermelon and half a mint bush, blend and drink. Sadly I'm at work instead!


Paul said...

Paul recommends adding Vodka to Jac's drink.

Jac said...

There you go giving away trade secrets...

Big A said...

I'm shivering in my room. Why are the world's resources so unequally distributed?

Clare said...

Yeah - snow on the mountain, howling freezing winds - I have never thought over 36 C too appealing but I'm with Alastair - give us 10 degrees of yours and we'll all be happy.
That is your genuine quizzical look on that boy - only 4 legs, eh?

Jennifer A.K. Harris said...

Check the extended forcast...highs in ONLY the mid to high 90's (F)for much of next week. Time to start carrying a sweater!

Jac said...

Jennifer, I saw the long range forecast but I'm trying not to get too excited yet. Storm activity every day should keep the temps down though, woot! We were hoping to get Marty in the pool this weekend so here's hoping there's no lightning during the day.

Jennifer A.K. Harris said...

Fingers crossed.

Liz said...

This really isn't fair. We had to put an extra blanket on the bed last night.