Monday, August 24

Spot update

As we thought, the Roo's spots are nothing more than bothersome prickly heat, which you can apparently treat with diaper cream (who knew?). We'll settle for keeping him cool since it doesn't seem to be bothering him at all. Still no sign of any major break in the weather although we did have a lovely mini-storm early Friday morning with lots of lightning and really loud thunder! Marty startled once and then was totally chilled about it - more interested in watching the flashes and listening to Mrs Bick while we changed his bottom. I say 'we' loosely because I was suffering somewhat less than silently in bed with a tummy bug. Nothing major, just one of those low grade ones that makes you feel like you constantly want to vomit without the satisfaction of ever reaching that full level of misery. Luckily Jo wasn't struck down until later that day, by which point I was much improved (and on a mission to buy a Peking duck - but that's another story)

We had a great weekend. The Roo slept well and played hard. On Saturday night I had a mini belated birthday party where we ate lots of good food and played the Aussie version of Trivial Pursuit (in teams, each team with a non-Australian 'handicap'). Our friend Joanne ordered the game online and luckily it arrived the day of the party or we would have been stuck with the American version which is close to impossible unless you know that habits of Fox news broadcasters from the mid 80s. Marty did so well at just hanging out with us all, even while intense political 'debates' raged overhead.

Here are some pics from today's playtime. Yep, he has mastered independent eyebrow control and often pulls a less than faintly skeptical face at his Poggie and her antics. I have never managed the eyebrow thing.

Playtime in his big boy diaper

'Can I eat it?'

'Ok Poggie, I get that one is a turtle but if this other one is a bug, how come it only has 4 legs?'
Yeah Boppy, what's with the 4 legged bugs??


(and to all of you who skipped straight down to the photos...shame on you!)


CupKate said...

Glad to hear the spots are nothing to worry about! Although, I hope there's a bit of relief in the weather some time with more spectacular storms and some cooler temperatures. Hope the tummies were all recovered for peking duck - sounds fabulous.

Anonymous said...

What a cutie. Just wish we could send you some cool Tassie air.
Which team won the trivial pursuit?

xx Jeannie

Adrienne said...

There's been some record hot days for August in Australia too! Although not today in Hobart where it is sunny, windy, rainy and chilly! Glad to see the Roo is a brow wriggler - need more of them in the world!


Big A said...

Let's get some zoological correctness in here. I don't want to have to spend two and a half months unravelling his misconceptions.

There's been a move to rechristen the Insecta as the Hexapoda, which shoud help with leg numbers.

Hang in there Roo, help is coming.

(Word verification: foole. Say no more)

Anonymous said...

"Awwww" indeed! Just look at those gorgeous big, blue eyes.

Love Britt. X