Wednesday, August 12

Wool lite

Mr Handsome dressed up in one of his gorgeous knitted gifts against the draft of the A/C

Just a super quick post to get another couple of pics up. No real major news at this point. It is still stupidly hot - 40+ (100F) every day and over 30 at nights. It sure has been a crazy summer! The Roo is doing well and growing his way out of most of his wardrobe. He turned 1 month today and I'm sure he's hit the 10 pound mark but his weight gain is in the healthy rather than the 'supersize me' range. We had a horrible night Sunday (why is it always the night before I have to go to work) but a much better night last night (bliss!)

Friends of ours from New Zealand gave Marty a 'sleep sheep' which I was somewhat facetious about early on, mostly because it was a sheep (lame giggles). But now I take it all back - the sheep, who we have dubbed Morpheus, is a godsend! It plays different kinds of white noise that help baby sleep and he totally loves the ocean waves one. And the best thing is that they even sound good to us, so Morpheus is probably helping all three of us sleep better! It does have one option for 'mother's heartbeat' which sounds disturbingly like someone sloshing vast quantities of blood through plastic gutters... Not so soothing, at least not to me!

Morpheus the sleep sheep


Big A said...

A sleep sheep? Where can I get one? (For Jeannie, of course).

Love those pics of a sleeping boy, with the feet drawn up.

Bee the Comics Widow said...

That bottom pic made me laugh out loud! We need to get one of those too. What an excellent idea. Mmmmmm...white noise.

Anonymous said...

Hi girls and boy...Just a quick message to say that we are still watching for photos of you guys every day! ! month old? That is unbelievable! Marty Roo is just divine and has the most gorgeous complexion! Hope you guys are getting some sleep! We love keeping up to date with the goings on in your world! Give M a big cuddle from us! Love Leah, Jase and Ollie Pop

Ruthie said...

Alastair - I need one too - it runs in the family!

He's looking a very healthy, happy chap now - lovely to see :-)


Anonymous said...

I think we all could use one of those sheep! Wonderful idea. Andrea liked the washing machine for a sleep aid.... it takes all sorts.
GA Kate

Adrienne said...

I just want to squeeze his chubby little legs. Just wanted to share that thought.


Penny said...

Oh my, Marty looks so adorable in his cardi, couldn't you just eat him up!

How cute is his 'do' looking. Not only is he advanced with his motor skills, he's advanced in the hair growing department ;-)

That's one clever boy you have there!


Anonymous said...

He hee nice description of the heartbeat sound there ... You had me laughing out loud in my office, neighbours popping their heads in to see if I was all right. Something for the textbooks. Love your pics of the adorable little man :-)


Mothersupex said...

I agree with all the comments and love Pen's. Yes I definitely need one and have been banned from the computer, in the wee hours.

The pics are beautiful, of course, but agree also, a family one would be great, with the little Roo is awake and happy (not Sunday evening)

Hugs to the three of you.

Dumblond said...

Wow! Has his hair really lightened up that much?
I love the name of the sleep sheep. Very clever.

Jac said...

I'm pretty sure you can get a 'travel size' sleep sheep too. I love that it has a strap so you attach it to the outside of the cot, and he's so soft! (well, Morpheus too)

Shana, that shot of his hair is really deceptive because of the backlighting. It is a little lighter at the tips now but still pretty dark brown.

We rarely have a chance to take photos with us in them because we are so rarely fully clothed! Did I mention quite how hot it is here?? Heat index is 109 today, again!

Adrienne said...

We love you even if you are naturists.


Clare said...

Getting all these lovely pictures really shows how quickly he is changing - and, yes, we too are Jacwabbit blog junkies. Those eyes are looking pretty dark - are they actually still blue?
Just put on some minimalist clothes for a few minutes and let us see you all - we are missing you two as well as Marty Roo.

xxx Clare and Hamish (who has a cold - could be turning into a Man-cold!!!!)

Hilary said...

Hey there Marty,
Just a quick update on your growth target. Your "bigger" cousins were hanging out on Saturday night and the two of them have recently weighed in at:
Campbell: 5.2kg
George: 5.1kg
So there's your target, you are not far behind so lets see if you can catch them or better still overtake them!! What with your new found drinking ability and your mummy's super milk we will wait nervously for the next weight update!!
Lots of love to your beautiful Mummies xxxx

Liz said...

Very little to add here other than AWWWWWWW!

booradley said...

I want that cardigan.

Fizzy xo