Friday, August 21

I ain't no fatty!

Well only a little. Jo did recently dream that she had to go and get him out of the hamster tank... But just to make sure that y'all don't think Marty is a fatty pudding based on that last (unfortunately angled) photo, here's some more recent pics that I was saving...

Hanging out with his sleep bunny

We've been practicing smiling but this is more likely wind. Still, he does have a terribly cute and disarming smile!

We're off to see the pediatrician tomorrow because he has a rash down his neck, shoulders and back. It is most likely heat rash given that it is still so bloody hot, but they want to be sure. We don't mind, his doctor rocks and it will be good to touch base with him and just reassure ourselves that all is well. Will keep you posted as usual!

The daily workout

Love me?


Anonymous said...

'Love me?' we certainly do!
I love his very high frown as he peers up from the floor. Go Marty Roo.

xx Jeannie

Bee the Comics Widow said...

I love seeing your little bug toy in these photos. It's like "Where's Bug?". Cutie pie pics, as always.
B x

Ruthie said...

What a gorgeous little chap and how strong he is :-)

- word verification ;-) ...what you will not be giving Marty Roo's hair... a permo!

hugs to all three

Mothersupex said...

Gorgeous photo's and how precious. "Love me", even if he wasn't our most awaited grandchild, yep, "love me" is an understatement.

He was probably having a lovely dream and had a little smile, well it sounds good?

No screaming, just beautiful, happy shots, and he has some clothes on, so must have A/C on or going out?

Thank you for more peeks at the little Roo.

Clare said...

That's definitely not a fatty - that is simply a rugby player to come. And no wonder - all those work-outs!

Hope that rash is just heat - he'd have every excuse for it at those ridiculous temperatures. Anyway - looking forward to a report from the pediatrician. He looks far too alert and bonny for it to be much more.

looking forward to more smiles - definitely right up there in the cutesy stakes.

xxx Clare and Hamish

Dumblond said...

OhDearGod! That last pic was way too cute!
And there is absolutely nothing wrong with a chub baby! Nothing at all!
Hope the appointment goes well!

Big A said...

If you come late they've said it all.

But who could help but love him?

Looking forward to those smiles.

Papa Bear

Anonymous said...

Bless Big A - What a great Papa Bear!(And Granmama Bear too!) He is just lovely and has the most kissable cheeks I've seen!
Love Leah xoxo

CupKate said...

I'm even later.. but great to see some more happy Roo pics. And to see him with the lovely toys! Hope the rash is just the icky sticky heat!
xxx Kate

Anonymous said...

Looks Like I am last again! Lovely pictures of a lovely boy. Anyway i love hamsters....
Any chance of another movie? wiggly woo was great, i showed it to one of my fiends and she thought it was great too! roo is truly international.
GA Kate

Adrienne said...

It's always so nice to start my day with an update of Roo! Very pleased that the boy appears to be getting handsomer at a steady rate. Is he developing independant eyebrow motion?

Love always,