Wednesday, August 5

Let's all do the wiggly Roo

Just a little something for all the patient Marty fans out there. I figured it was time for a little live Roo action!


Mothersupex said...

Just love the Wiggly Roo. How wonderful for you to go to so much trouble and didn't Martyroo perform beautifully. We have played and played the performance, the only thing now is that we both have the Wiggly Roo song in our heads.

Thank you for putting so much time into this and boy, he is strong. You have made Grandad and Gran extra happy, just seeing how much our little man can do. Thank you, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Cousins, finally have internet at home now!
Love the video of the young man, doesn't he look so lovely!
I've been checking the blog everyday at work, it's so nice to see him, especially in action on the vid!
Love you all, Anri x

Jennifer A.K. Harris said...

Look at Mighty Marty flipping over already!!

Penny said...

Wow Jac, that is so fantastic. M Roo is one amazing little guy, he's so impressive:-)

I think he's going to keep you two on your toes!

Thanks for sharing that gorgeous vid with us, loved it xxxx

Sophie said...

Great work on the video... sooooo cute and soooo strong. He is going to be a handful!
Keep the posts coming, can't get enough of them. Always brings a smile to my face. Take care guys xx

CupKate said...

Hullo to super Mums, and Mr Roo - or is it Mr Woo? He's very clever - though I was kinda glad he didn't clap along or tap his feet as that would be a bit too soon!!
Great to see the live Marty action - thanks for taking the time.

Karin said...

I am just now checking out your blog. Love it! Great job!
And Martyn is absolute adorable. I think he got Jac's hair.
I love the moving pictures, but my absolute favorite is ""Mama, take me away from this nasty hospital now ok?".

Big A said...

Best TV I've seen all week.

This baby is certainly no blob. Isn't rolling over supposed to come a bit later? And his eyes are so bright.

Genetics, I guess :)

("ablammer": that about sums him up, really)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful floor show! It is so nice to see him moving about, he's lovely.
Thanks Jac

xx jeannie

julie said...

Awesomeness - what a treat - thanks you so! how do you find the time? You really are super mums and Marty Roo obviously reasonding to all the love & care and stimulation! much much love to you all j xox

Robee said...

How wonderful to see that bright little man in living colour! He certainly is amazing, I think he will be walking before we know it!

Love to you all,
Rosemary (and Wal)

Anonymous said...

Aaawww, thanks Jac! That was a wonderful start to the day! I am back at work and will now be following the Roo closely, you guys are doing such a good job! I must say, My first thought was the same as Karins, he's got your hair, hasn't he? AND he is already rolling over - amazing! (Though I must post script, you really should be more concerned; at this rate he will be walking before Anna and Alfred did, and a 9mts baby walking, well - you won't belive the mess they can make .... :-) )

Anonymous said...

Dear Jac, Jo and Wiggly Roo,

Lovely to see Marty in action — he definitely has Jac's hair! Looking forward to seeing all three of you in Texas next year.

Lots of love

Comrade Hamish

Clare Blue's Alias said...

Checking your blog multiple times every day truly does pay off :)

Thank you so much for sharing faraway wiggles! Very much enjoyed seeing the boy. Crikey he's strong -- aren't they not supposed to roll over for, like, MONTHS?!

Keep up the good work and look after each other, you three,


Dumblond said...

Awwww!!! How cute!

Liz said...

Heh - we have many pics of my husband at a similar age on a baby sheepskin. I bought him one large enough for a six-foot 31-year-old last birthday. He is considerably less cute when wiggling on it than Marty is on his.

Mothersupex said...

Each time we look at Martyroo we see something different. His eyes are lovely and are focusing, as you move. He is so precious and adorable. Now we know you were not joking when you said he was turning himself over, weeks ago.

A bright, intelligent and super handsome Martyroo.

Thanks again,

Mum. Gran

Anonymous said...

He is so gorgeous - seriously gorgeous. I just wanted to reach over, pick him up and cuddle him! Babies are just so soft and adorable at this age. Wish we lived closer... (though lucky for you we don't - there's always the possibility I wouldn't give him back.)

And he is so clever!

Thinking of you all and glad the parcel arrived safely,

love Jane, Duncan and Clancy

booradley said...

I was going to say something about his preternatural rolling abilities, but everyone else beat me to it, so I'll make an observation about the other thing that struck me - good eye contact for such a little bub! He's obviously taking everything in. He was probably gazing at the camera to find out how it works...

Cousin Kel said...

Hi Mommies
Thanks for showing us the supercute little man in action! I've been telling everyone who'll listen that my second cousin who's only weeks old is already rolling over! His shaky start has obviously given him super powers!
Thanks again for keeping us far away fans smiling - mind you I could not get the song out of my head for hours! xx

EmDee said...

We're all doing the Wiggly Woo!! How stunning. A bewdiful man you have there.

He's going to think he has another parent now, the camera!! Well, he has all of us that watch and love.

Thanks for the vid, can't believe you found the time. Maj n I had a good cackle about your list of 'things learnt'. Some days it feels like the parent is learning more about the big ole world than their kid/s!!

Much love Em, Maj n Osk xoxoox

Anonymous said...

Action Films united! When will Roo get his oscar? I am seriously impressed with his ability. Seeing him move is really special. You will have to watch him every second in case he starts walking!
More Please! Though I really dont know how you fit in everything you do.
Andrea told me the video was on, I didnt log in one day and look what I missed. Love to you all. GA Kate

Ruthie said...

Great to see the little chap in action - what a star!

word verification: imatento - where italian tourists spend their camping holiday during an English summer

Anonymous said...

Hello Jo, Jac and Marty!
such a lovely video. So cute! I think my computer is finally letting me leave a comment, so fingers crossed it will let me. I keep checking your blog with excitment at new photos, etc. :)
lotsa love,
Alison & David xxxx

Jac said...

Crikey that's a lot of comments to respond to! My own fault for not getting another post out sooner. Just a few quick responses...

Glad you guys liked it, although apologies for the catchiness of the tune!

Karin/Hamish/Mona - No clue how he got my hair but he sure does although I think it might lighten to sandy brown.

Alison - So glad you could finally comment. I don't know what that's all about but blame google.

Liz - your comment had us in stitches!

And yeah, given the rolling over and the head control I'm somewhat terrified about where he'll be in a few months time. He was nearly crawling today! Ahh peace, how I miss you.

Anonymous said...

He leaves me feeling clucky - good thing I've got a 6 week old bundle of gorgeousness of my own! Thanks for the video, it's so nice to see Mr Marty in action : )
Love to you three, Britt. X