Saturday, July 18

The news you've all been waiting for

Marty Roo!

Sorry for the major delay on this one, it was out of my control.

First major piece of news, Tuesday has arrived! Martyn Andrew Richardson was born at 2.20pm on Tuesday (ha!) the 14th of July after roughly 6 hours of labor. He was 8 pounds, 3 ounces and 20 inches long (not taking into account the cone head - poor fellow). My beloved was just amazing, getting through the whole labor with no drugs, no swearing and hardly any complaint (she was heard to say 'it hurts a little' at one point!) More about labor et al. later, I will keep this post short and try to get more details up tomorrow.

The second major piece of news is that we are finally home from the hospital. There was no real way to let most of you know that there was a problem. We found out pretty soon after birth that he and Jo have different blood types so there was an ABO incompatibility issue, meaning he was at much higher risk of really dangerous bilirubin levels. I don't have the energy to really explain it but you can read about it here on wikipedia. Basically it meant a lot of stress, not much sleep and more than 48 hours for him under lamps with a blindfold on and no cuddles. Again, I'll post about it in more detail tomorrow. For now I'll leave you with some much demanded photos and the knowledge that he's home, he's ok and we're working hard to make sure he stays ok!

Minutes after birth and he was alert as anything

The first night after birth with a totally exhausted poggie

Tiny toes!

"Mama, take me away from this nasty hospital now ok?"

We will start getting onto answering emails and calling people but it is still going to be rough going for a few days so we might be a little on the slow side, sorry about that!


Big A said...

Welcome, Martyn!

When Jo was born, my Dad (12,000 miles away) wrote "I wish I could just hold her for a while". I feel that way too.

Well done all, and we hope that things trend upwards from here on.

Lorena said...

Big A, you'll get to hold him soon, and for a long while! :)

Lorena said...

Hey! Mom says I had the ABO incompatibility too. I never knew that. Martyn has something in common with his Aunt Lorena.

EmDee said...

WOO HOO!!! Congrats all.

What FANTASTIC news. Well done Jo, what a champion!!

Be sure to give Martyn Andrew LOTS of cuddles from us all. What a huggable little man he is!

Much love, EM, Maj n Osk xoxoxoxoox

CupKate said...

Welcome again! Been thinking of you guys lots and the tough time - much love and prayers with you! So glad to hear all is ok, and hope it stays that way and gets better so you can settle into life with a Martyn!!
xxxx Kate (and Tim)

Robee said...

Congratulations again on a job well done Jo, it sounds like you have had a stressful start, but now the happy family is home I am sure it will just keep getting better! (Apart from the sleep deprivation....) He is a fine boy and so fortunate to have you two guys to love him. Can't wait to meet him in person!
Lots of love, Rosemary & Wal.

booradley said...

What a gorgeous pudgy little bundle!! Congratulations you two, and welcome to the world little Marty! Fizzy xxoo

Cousin Kel said...

What a gorgeous wee chappie! Congrats to you both. Sorry to hear that thngs have been a bit hairy but I don't think anyone ever gets off scott free - be it an awful labour or some other scare! Suffice it to say I'm sure the bad bits are all behind you now and apart from feeling exhausted for the next 18 years it's onwards and upwards from here! Look forward to lots and lots of piccies and updates xxx

Sophie said...

Absolutely Adorable.... Congratulations!!! well done Jo, and no doubt to you too Jac for being such an amazing support through the whole experience. Looking forward to seeing more photos of the little man! Hope you settle into life at home OK, and the sleep deprivation doesn't have you climbing the walls. Thinking of you all and wishing you all the best. Much love xxx - Soph

Bee the Comics Widow said...

Congrats from both of us! Marty is lovely - look at those chubby cheeks! Pleased to hear everything is okay after the initial scare. We'll be thinking of you all and wishing you as much sleep as possible over these coming weeks. Take your time and enjoy every minute.

We are so proud of you all :)

All our love, B & C xxxx

PS> No drugs??! Jo, you are a hardcore mama!!

Julie said...

I am so happy to see pictures of this gorgeous boy. I was getting concerned and had a feeling something complicated had happened. I'm so pleased it has resolved and your happy family are safe at home. I've got a big silly grin on my face that will not go away!!!


Anonymous said...

awwwww! What a lovable little guy! And how fantastic for you guys to finally have him to yourselves!

I have been getting more and more concerned as you guys didnt get back from the hospital quite as early as I know you would have wanted to...thanks for blogging!

I was 6 weeks early and had to spend my first days under a lamp, so I feel I m bonding with the little guy already! If it is possible at all, please sqeeze in an extra cuddle from me too :-)

Good job Jo, and Jac. I m looking forward to talking to you in due time. Always just an SMS away :-)

Love Mona

julie said...

dearest ones he is so precious, Well done and I'm glad you are all safely home, I new something wasn't right - spinder senses were tingling - glad all becoming ok.
Enjoy every moment and can't wait to meet him down the track much much love x

Kathryn said...

Congratulations and well done to all of you. Glad you are home now and all is well. Take your time in getting back to everyone. Its your time for the three of you to bond and the rest of us ca wait. Just know we are all thinking of you and looking forward to meeting Marty Roo in person.

Anonymous said...

Oh Hooray!
Martyn is just divine - so glad he is alright and that you are all ok and at home now. It is so good to be in familiar surroundings for you all - in your own bed, not living out of a bag etc! And now the fun begins...Congratulations to you all, we are so proud of you and hope to see more photos on the blog soon...
With much love
Leah Jase and Olivia xxx

Mothersupex said...

We both had tears of joy to see our new little man. Just wish the cuddles were closer but for now the prayers are sent his way, that the bilirubin will settle, and not too many more needle pricks.

Amazing photo's, even though the trauma was there. Well done to all of you.

Hugs and much love,

Gran and Grandad

Ruthie said...

Lovely to see the little chap - what a star. Hopefully the worries are over.
Lots of love to all three,

PS Bridgie sends a special hug too :-)

Gabe said...



Adrienne said...

He's beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Jo and Jac,

CONGRATULATIONS! Marty Roo is just so beautiful, he is edible!

The memories of the exquisite touch and smell of a "just hatched" boy came flooding back! when I looked at Martys happy snaps.

You are doing a wonderful job of being lionesses for your little boy. Keep trusting your instincts.

Love Ruth Feeger and family

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jo and Jac. We were so pleased when Julie told us the good news. We hope that all goes well for you all. The photos of your little boy are beautiful. Maybe we will meet him one day.
Love Lilian and Graeme