Friday, November 9

Tabula rasa

Since it has been such an insanely long time since I last blogged, I'm going to need a clean slate if I'm ever going to start this again, so tabula rasa.

Time has passed during which:
- Jac went to Australia for a conference/vacation, hit 4 states in 3 weeks, had an incredible time and almost ate her yearly quota of roast lamb!
- Our friends Clare and Hamish came to visit from Oz via most of the rest of the world and we explored some of the more edible parts of san antonio (plus they went fishing!)
- Jo went to Australia for vacation and hit 2 states in 2 weeks and ate only slightly less lamb
- Our friend Kath came to visit and we spent most of her two days here eating :D
- Jac then went to San Diego for another conference while most of the outlying areas were on fire and the city was full of smoke

I'll probably fill in some of those details later, especially since most of them relate to food in some way ^_^

For now though, everything here is good. It has suddenly become very cool and very dry. While the temp is still pushing 30 at the peak of the day, it is now dropping down to 15 or so at night which is a big shock after months and month of nights over 25! The wind has a bite and long pants are almost a must. I think if we both hadn't recently spent some chilly time in Tassie the cool would be a welcome change, but we had a very mild summer this year with lots of rain so I don't think either of us are ready to say goodbye to the heat yet! Nevermind the fact that our friends John and Jo have just bought a McMansion that includes a glorious blue pool and hot tub!

Speaking of the new house, I spend the last few weekends putting together a truckload (literally) of outdoor furniture, buying and building the king of all BBQs, and cooking for many, many people...brilliant! My recent triumph involved cooking 9 enormous filet mignon steaks to a variety of specified cookednesses while also grilling huge mushies, asparagus, chicken and some nasty tofu riblet thing for the managing to get it right and all done at the same time! I'll try to get a few snaps of the house and pool soon.

For now though, so that I don't leave this post bare, here are some great and random signs that found in the Adelaide market carpark!


BigA said...

I said it first! (Faithful blog-checker strikes gold).

How nice to hear and see from you again.

At this end Hobart has finally emerged from under grey cloud after what seems like weeks. It's good to see the sun again.

Exams nearly all marked, soon I shall have to start to think about clearing out my room. I could sell books by the metre.

Keep that blog going! We're all out here.

Jac said...

I wondered who the first fish would be :)

I will do my best...shorter more frequent updates is the plan.

big A said...

Not so sure that we >are< all out here now!

Hope Josie is feeling a bit fitter.