Friday, November 30

Cake or Death

Extra special congratulations to Alastair on his last day on the job. Bugger about not being there for the farewell because I bet that speech goes down a treat, but I'll be thinking of you and I am eagerly awaiting the book! Or books!

And just in case the last day is less than perfect, one more youtube clip to cheer you :) Cake or Death! (er, cake please)


Mothersupex said...

Sorry your not well Jac. Pancakes with lemon and sugar seem the treat.

Congrats Alastair, from L'ton end of town. Nice to keep intouch though we are leaving Monday morning for Day Patient sessions, starting at 8.45 a.m. An early start in the motorhome.

Jac, you really are spending too much time on You Tube, though I found similar ones to these.

Hugs to you and Jo Jo.


Big A said...

Cake or death (and Mr Stevens of the Death Star) are still cheering me, several days after the event! I'm not quite sure why I'm here at my desk: there are lots of things to do, but not much enthusiasm for doing them.

Hope everyone is fit at last.