Monday, November 26

Thanksgiving...a wonderful holiday

Well, it's a few days post Thanksgiving and we're finally recovering (ie fully digested). What a truly wonderful holiday Thanksgiving is. No one really knows what they're supposed to be giving thanks for, so it becomes a simple celebration of friends and food. No gifts, no major decorations, songs etc. Just a wonderful feast shared with whoever you can get your hands on.

The day started with me sticking my herb-buttered hand inside the body cavity of a dead bird and got better from there.

The plan was to eat at around 3.30, so we didn't have to get up crazily early to get things going. We ended up with 10 adults and 2 kids, so a great size to cook for really. I was in charge of the turkey (a 19 pound organic beauty), two chickens of the same ilk (cooked on the BBQ rotisserie), the potato bake, vegetarian stuffing and gravy. We also had roast vegies, green bean casserole (a weird American tradition made with tinned mushroom soup and crispy onions), mashed red potatoes, oyster stuffing, baked ham and a tofurky for the vego. Ooh, and we had aussie style prawns on the barbie as an appetizer! And lets not forget the desserts...There was apple pie (classic), lemon meringue pie (yummy!!) and pumpkin pie (eek) with cool whip...a synthetic cream substitute that Americans can't seem to get enough of!

Even the temperature was perfect - The day before thanksgiving it had been about 30 degrees, until a cold front swept through in the afternoon and dropped it to single digits, where it has stayed ever since! All in all it was a brilliant day. I'm finally beginning to realise that there's something amazing about preparing food and sharing it with people you care about. I got asked what I wanted for Christmas the other day and the only think I could think of that I really wanted was ingredients to cook that person dinner! We really should instigate thanksgiving in Australia and you know what...November 24th is an excellent date for it ;)


jeannie said...


Anonymous said...

My lovely Jac,

What a fantastic effort and outcome to your thanksgiving. We'll be at your place Nov. 24th 2008.

Your photo's were mouth watering and made me quite envious. Also you made me so proud to think that you would only want ingredients to cook, for that special person, for Christmas. With orders for presents from this person and that, where we are, it gets very frustrating and commercial and some tend to forget what the true meaning of Christmas is.

We will miss you both, but know you will be happy with your "family" over there.


Mothersupex said...

Me again,

Christmas at Steve and Teresa's is still on and they return 3/12/07. Or should I write that 12.3.07 for the strange people, other than you, over there.


Big A said...

I endorse Jeannie's comment: looks yumscradoodleum to me!

I'm happy to adopt Thanksgiving if you'll come and cook.

Anonymous said...

1. Food looks great.
2. From memory, they were giving thanks that Federal democracy was still at least 175 years away.
3. A punter backbencher tried to get rhanksgiving up a few [7-9]years ago. He was shouted down and [I think] tarred and feathered for trying to bring in "seppo bulls$@t"

Good to see y'all are happy.