Monday, November 19

Pretty quiet day here after rather a large night last night. We helped Jo and John organise and celebrate their housewarming, including an Aussie style bbq for 60 people (beetroot slices and all!) We're now trying to get our heads around going back to work tomorrow - but at least it is a short week, with Thanksgiving on Thursday and Friday off as well (so I might actually have something to write about!)

Stay tuned.

And for today's YouTube clip, something clever and not animated in any way. Stick with it because it takes a while to warm up. It's Daft Punk sung by a hand (well, two hands). Trust me...I'm a doctor ;)

And yes, I admit that I've been getting into music made by robots lately...sometimes the geekiness scares even me.

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Anonymous said...

Well Jac what can I say. How on earth did you find that clip? What coordination. I was glued to the screen, wondering how on earth the person remembered what fingers. It was great........more please.
Hugs to you both.