Thursday, November 15

Quid and Harmony - Great read and a worthy cause

I just finished reading a book that was written by a friend of mine, and I really enjoyed it. This book was already very close to my heart, after reading some of the in progress drafts and watching the creative process unfurl, but I really enjoyed the final version. The book is called "Quid and Harmony", written by Alan Smith, and it's in that tricky to write but wonderful to read young adult fantasy genre. It has elements of the familiar, yet the story is unique and complex enough to really suck you in deep and sweep you away.

However, I'm blogging this because not only is the book a wonderful read but it is also a very worthy cause. Proceeds from the book sales (and online donations) go to the Hamlin Fistula Hospitals in Ethiopia.

To find out more about the book, the project or to get sucked in by reading the first few chapters go to or read the related blog

Alan, I really like the changes you made, the ending still made me cry and I couldn't put the bloody thing down until I finished it! More... please more! And congratulations ^_^


Anonymous said...

I've read the book too(it took me three tries to get thought it all) and I thought it was fantastic. Mr Smith is actually one of my teachers and my friends and I have been pestering him to finish the next one...but I suppose you cant rush genius! :P I swear I'm his biggest fan!

Jac said...

Great to hear from another fan :D

You hear that Alan? Where's our part 2?!