Saturday, November 24


We're still up and watching the votes as they slowly trickle through... Fingers crossed.

I'll try to post an update on Thanksgiving tomorrow. We had a lovely day, and it felt like winter all of a sudden! (snow in some parts of Texas) Stay tuned.


KOSTAS said...

We will wait for to learn the result of voting, but also of be informed if fell snow in all the state.

Jac said...

Labor won (THANKYOU AUSTRALIA!) and hell didn't quite freeze over, although there is snow in the Texas pan handle and across some of the mid US.

Anonymous said...

We have changed Australia, well at least we hope. No wonder Johnny Howard was doing massive renovations to his house, before he called the election! Guess we all paid for that:~{

I'm hooked and tuned in for more U Tube. No wonder our last Australian President put his message to the nation on U Tube. I wonder now who has made that into something we can laugh about in the future. You must spend some time researching for our entertainment. Hugs.


Big A said...

No sign of the sky falling in yet, but golly the political landscape has changed some.

I'm sorry you missed out on Wills as the Grim Reaper waving to cars on regent Street with a "Goodbye Johnny" banner!